The Aeroballistic Range Association (ARA) annual meetings are attended by an international group of scientists and engineers from government, academia, and industry involved in various aspects of maintaining, upgrading, and utilizing launcher technology for a variety of research applications, mostly involving defense or aerospace applications. The meeting is primarily composed of technical talks presented by the ARA members.

Topics covered at the annual meeting include:

  • Ballistic range operations;
  • Instrumentation for studying dynamic mechanical events;
  • Evaluation of range accidents;
  • Exterior and terminal ballistics research technology;
  • Development of research launchers;
  • Impact mechanics and shock physics research technology;
  • Evaluation of high-speed vehicle flight characteristics;
  • Armor development technology; and
  • Non-classical applications of gun-related testing.

Registration Pricing

Category Early Bird
(before June 30, 2024)
(July 1- August 2, 2024)
ARA Member

$ 1,100.00

$ 1,200.00
ARA Non-Member* $ 1,200.00 $ 1,300.00
ARA Fellow $ 500.00 $ 600.00
Exhibitor (Booth) $ 2,600.00 $ 2,800.00
Additional Exhibitor $ 1,100.00 $ 1,200.00


$ 500.00 $ 600.00
Companion $ 600.00 $ 700.00

*If you have any inquiries about Membership Requests or need information about attending the ARA conference as a Non-Member, please email us at

We are here to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.

Student Award Program

The Aeroballistics Range Association (ARA) is offering a Student Participation Program for the 73rd Annual Meeting in Bryan, Texas. The program aims to support young scholars interested in experimental ballistics research by offering selected students $2,000 in travel support and complimentary participation in conference activities. Eligible participants include registered students with an interest in pursuing a career in ballistics or related disciplines, encompassing both graduate and senior undergraduate students.


For further details, please refer to the Award Notice.


The application deadline is May 27, 2024, with notifications of successful applicants scheduled to be sent out by June 17, 2024. To apply, students are required to submit their personal information, a letter expressing their interest, a recommendation letter from their academic advisor, and a detailed abstract of their research paper to Dr. Kevin S. Vandersall at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


For inquiries, feel free to contact Dr. Vandersall at


Welcome Reception, Sunday, August 11th

Join us for a Welcome Reception at The Stella Hotel's Hershel Bar for appetizers and cocktails.

Dinner at Messina Hof Winery & Resort, Monday, August 12th

We invite you to experience Texas' most award-winning winery, have dinner, engage in a wine class, and explore the vineyards at the peak of harvest season.

Farewell Dinner & Award Ceremony, Thursday, August 15th

Celebrate an amazing conclusion to the 73rd ARA Meeting.