Advisory Groups

DG Advisory Council

Chair: Clark Beyer (Global Fuel Solutions) 
Staff Director: Virginie Ryan-Taix

The mission of the DG Advisory Council is to study long term opportunities and challenges faced by the nuclear industry, and to provide advice and recommendations to the Association’s management on any significant emerging issue affecting the industry.  The Advisory Council gathers member company representatives who are well positioned to conduct broad analyses of the worldwide nuclear industry, and provides a forum for the Director General to exchange views on how to position the Association in addressing issues faced by the global industry, and how to further the promotion of nuclear as an essential source to accelerate a just global energy transition to net zero.


Communication Group

Chair: Diane Hughes, NuScale Power
Deputy Chair: Rebecca Astles, Urenco
Staff Director: Kristina Valen

The Communication Group shares new ideas and best practice for communication activities that help disseminate key messages to the wider industry and beyond. The group also provides support for specific projects identified as priorities for the Association. Its members are communication experts from member companies and invited representatives from other nuclear energy associations.


Innovation Panel

Staff Director: Nathan Paterson

Although the nuclear industry is continuously implementing improvements in plant operations, project management, and the wider fuel cycle, it has developed a reputation for being slow to change. And certainly, the strong regulatory environment in which the industry operates often challenges the speed and the effectiveness with which some new ideas and technologies can be commercialized.  Fortunately, a wave of innovation is sweeping the global nuclear sector.


End Energy Users Panel

Acting chair person: Ximena Vasquez-Maignan
Staff Director: Aaron Erim

There is significant interest and gathering momentum for the use of nuclear energy – for example through the use of industrial heat and deployment of microreactors – in the fields of petro-chemicals, steel production, IT and data centres, mining, transport, and synthetic fuel manufacturing. The panel brings together potential new end users and industry members to explore and support the development of nuclear power in these new sectors. The panel also aims to increase awareness of the wider application of nuclear energy beyond large-scale electricity production.  


Energy Markets Panel

Chair: TBC
Staff Director: TBC

Emerging markets and developing economies are the driving force for increasing global energy demand and how these countries develop their energy infrastructures will be key to a sustainable and just energy transition. This panel will be a forum for representatives of emerging nuclear countries to share experience of developing nuclear, and to gain knowledge from more mature nuclear countries and the wider nuclear industry.     


Cooperation Forum for Nuclear Technologies Associations

Chair: TBC
Staff Director: Sameh Melhem

The Cooperation Forum for Nuclear Technology Associations consists of 21 national and international nuclear industry associations who signed the Industry Statement to the Tenth Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons held in New York on 1 – 26 August 2022. It was the first time that the nuclear industry had the opportunity to highlight the importance of the third pillar of the NPT (peaceful uses) and to showcase that nuclear technologies make an essential contribution to protecting our climate, as well as improving health and well-being for humanity, and the economic welfare of the world.

During the first meeting of the forum some opportunities to cooperate and coordinate were suggested such as radiological protection, transport, recruitment & retention of diverse talent, outreach & communication and other areas.