Join us for a relaxed, collaborative event where warehousing, distribution, and logistics professionals come together

Rapid changes in the supply chain have caused constant pivots in the warehousing, distribution, and logistics landscape. It’s time to take a deep breath, refocus, and explore new ideas, tools, and techniques with front-line innovators and thought leaders. From labor and inventory challenges to the pressure to digitally transform, no topic is off the table as we discuss solutions to the industry’s most pressing issues. You will make deep connections at the conference and leave armed with fresh insights to share with your team and implement into your operations. This year’s event features keynote sessions, facility tours, networking events and peer-reviewed and solution-focused sessions.

Sterling Hawkins

Monday, June 3

Embrace, Adapt, Inspire | Nurturing a Growth Mindset #NoMatterWhat

Change has become our constant companion, influencing every facet of life, whether it's the corporate arena or the intimate setting of our homes. Staying in sync demands us to embrace a growth mindset – a crucial ingredient to attain the impact we aspire to create across our businesses, communities, and even within our families. Explore tangible methods that empower everyone to move beyond a mere growth mindset and develop a profound belief in their capacity for personal and professional advancement. Delve into the realm of brain science to cultivate mental and emotional resiliency. With inspiring personal and corporate stories, dead-on data and hands-on tools, Sterling provides audiences with principles and strategies to embrace a growth mindset #NoMatterWhat.

Panel Discussion

Tuesday, June 4

Workforce Toolbox: Gather Actionable Insights, Practical Solutions, and Compelling Techniques that Address Labor Challenges

Panelists: Brian Devine, President and CEO, Ignite Industrial Professionals; Jasmine Gorie, SVP of Human Resources, Sunland Logistics Solutions; Jeff Spratlin, Talent Director, Chick-fil-A, Inc.; Robin Sutton, VP, Human Resources, Penguin Random House

In an era when workforce attraction and retention have become critical success factors in supply chain and warehousing, staying abreast of the latest trends and strategic insights is more important than ever. This panel discussion will equip you with a workforce toolbox jam packed with front-line, practical solutions to the unique labor challenges faced by operations managers. Discover the best strategies to enhance your talent attraction and retention efforts, along with approaches that prioritize workforce health and safety. Don't miss this chance to engage with industry leaders and gain invaluable knowledge.

Sean Bott

Wednesday, June 5

Connect for Keeps

Too often, employees trudge along in jobs where their best efforts go unnoticed and they feel invisible. It's not companies that lose employees, it's bad management. In this keynote, Sean Bott provides practical tools, clinically proven through various therapeutic modalities and self-compassion research, to make your employees feel connected and valued. Instead of having employees "clock out" when they clock in, learn how to inspire them to exceed expectations.

As a people expert and dead ringer for Jack Black(ish?), Sean helps you sculpt empathy muscles for effective leadership with warmth and laughter.