Thursday Keynote Speaker:

Cole Arreola-Karr

National Special Districts Coalition: Defining, Counting, and Advancing Special Districts

Cole Arreola-Karr is the Federal Advocacy Director for the National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC). Cole oversees NSDC’s coalition expansion and its federal advocacy programs. He began formally coordinating Coalition advocacy activities in January 2021 to ensure special districts are well-represented in Washington, DC. Prior to this role, Cole worked with special districts across Central California as a regional public affairs coordinator for the California Special Districts Association for more than three and a half years.

Cole has background in both federal and state governments, with past work for three members of Congress, including former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He also managed the legislative office for a member of the Missouri State House of Representatives. Cole has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, He has been working with special districts since January 2019.


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