Transforming Retail Through the Power of A.I.


November 15, 2023 • 2:00 p.m. ET

Microsoft Teams Meeting

A Holistic Approach to AI Success

Join Connection experts Jamal Khan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, and Brian Gallagher, Retail Strategy Director, for an exploration of how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the retail industry—and learn how to anticipate and plan for the future of your retail journey.


Evolution of AI

A comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts of AI and its remarkable journey through time

AI Solutions for Customers and Employees

Learn how leveraging AI solutions can provide improved productivity and customer experience simultaneously

Why a Partner Ecosystem Matters

Discover the importance of a seamless infrastructure designed to deliver the full potential of AI


Jamal Khan

Jamal Khan

Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, Connection

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Brian Gallagher

Retail Strategy Director, Connection

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In advance of our discussion, take some time to read Brian Gallagher's latest blog posts on the impact AI will have in retail.