Keynote Speakers




Welcoming Keynote

Finding Joy: Reduce Stress and Break Through Barriers to Increase Your Joy Factor and get the Genuine Happiness You Deserve

Thursday, May 16th

Raelene Ostberg, M.Ed.
Founder of Thriving Together

When you work in a career that consumes your heart, mind, and sometimes sanity, it can be difficult to just leave it behind. Taking care of others can become the main mode of operation and the most important person might just get left behind – you. Discover methods to crush the obstacles that increase stress and steal your joy.  Feel energized in your critical role caring for and educating young children. Have fun and get inspired listening to entertaining, real-life stories that show the easy-to-apply strategies in action. Construct your own personal joy plan that will bolster feelings of gratitude, reduce stress, and help make your unique journey on this earth become a rewarding adventure!    

Opening Keynote

Finding Joy through DAP: Developing Emotional Intelligence

Friday, May 17th

Prerna Richards
International Keynote, National Speaker, Behavior Coach, and NAEYC Consultant

This keynote is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and tools to create nurturing environments. We will explore the fascinating world of brain development in young children and the role adults can play in nurturing emotional intelligence: We will discuss how teaching children life skills like self-regulation, self-control and impulse control can help them to experience the joy of learning, in a developmentally appropriate environment. 



Closing Keynote

Bringing Joy to Young Children with Active Play

Saturday, May 18th

Diane Craft, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Phyiscal Education Department, SUNY Cortland

Children are built to move! Watch young children run, jump, slide, and twirl and see the joy they experience through moving. Their active play helps develop their muscles and bones, and brains as well as encourages them to learn to get along with others. When the physical activities you lead are developmentally appropriate, children have the best opportunities to enjoy these many benefits. Come to the Closing Keynote to learn what goes into making easy-to-lead, developmentally appropriate activities you can do right away. Let’s get children up and moving with smiles on their faces!