Technical tours

Tour A: Saeul Nuclear Power Site (KHNP)

Thursday 23 May (Tour duration: 2 hours)

Route : Spent Fuel Bay (SFB) → Turbine Observation Deck → Main Control Room (MCR) → Saeul Construction Observation Deck
7:50 Delegates meet in the lobby of Paradise Hotel Busan
9:30 Arrival at site
10:00 Technical tour
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Depart site
15:00 Arrive at Paradise Hotel Busan (approximate arrival time dependent on traffic)
NB: Delegates are required to bring their passport for identification.

Saeul Nuclear Power Site was established in January 2017 in Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-county, Ulsan-city. Ulsan and Ulju serve as hubs for Republic of Korea's state-of-the-art industries, showcasing the national technological prowess. The plant name, Sae (New) - Ul (Ulsan/Ulju), symbolizes the aspiration for the region to make another leap towards a brighter and more promising future with a reliable power supply.

Unit Reactor Type Capacity (MW) Commercial Operation
Saeul #1 Pressurized
Light Water Reactor (PWR)
1,400 Dec. 2016
Saeul #2 Aug. 2019
Saeul #3 Oct. 2024 (scheduled)
Saeul #4 Oct. 2025 (scheduled)

Saeul Units 1, 2 are in commercial operation while Saeul Units 3, 4 are under construction. Saeul Site is a distinctive location where both the construction and operation can be observed and experienced at one place. This uniqueness attracts visitors globally, including governments and industry professionals interested in adopting nuclear power.



APR 1400

Saeul Site features the APR1400, a Gen3 reactor that stands as the pinnacle of Korean nuclear industry excellence in technology, construction, and operational expertise by meeting the future needs around the world.

Built upon enhanced safety features, the APR1400 can generate a substantial 1400MW of electricity over its 60-year design lifespan. Furthermore, the integration of various digital technologies has significantly improved operational convenience and precision.

To date, the APR1400 has been implemented by 6 domestic plants(4 for Saeul and 2 for Shin-Hanul) as well as 4 Barakah plants (UAE). The successful construction and operation of these plants have sparked significant interest from countries aspiring to adopt cutting-edge nuclear reactors. KHNP is actively working to broaden its reactor sales to countries such as the Republic of Czech and Poland, employing diverse marketing activites that highlight the excellence of the APR reactors.

Tour B: Doosan Enerbility HQ

Thursday 23 May (Tour duration: 2 hours)

Route: Route : Main Building → Forging Shop → Turbine Shop → Nuclear Shop
7:50 Delegates meet in the lobby of Paradise Hotel Busan
10:00 Arrival at site
10:00 Technical tour
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Depart site
15:00 Arrive at Paradise Hotel Busan (approximate arrival time dependent on traffic)

NB: Delegates are required to bring their passport for identification.

Doosan Enerbility

At Doosan, we have the technology for manufacturing the main components for the various kinds of power plants. Doosan Enerbility has been supplying specialized products and services for power plants and desalination plants in 40 countries around the world. Groundbreaking in 1976, construction of Doosan Enerbility's Changwon plant completed in 1982. The total area is 4.3 million square meters, which is the size of 660 soccer fields. It is the world's largest single factory capable of batch production from raw material production to final product assembly.

Its main facilities include nuclear shop, casting & forging shop, turbine/generator shop, wind power shop, and other large-scale production shops, as well as its own dock facility for product exports.

Currently, about 5,000 top-notch technicians, including employees of partner companies, work at the Changwon plant, making it a mecca for the energy equipment industry. Doosan Enerbility’s energy technologies will ultimately help enrich people’s lives and make Earth a cleaner planet.

Forging Shop

The forge used to be a blacksmith shop, and it can be said that it is a larger, automated form by incorporating modern technology.

It is a place that produces strong and sturdy metal materials of very large size used in the country's key industries, and its main products include raw materials for nuclear power plant equipment such as nuclear reactors and steam generators, crankshaft for engines required for very large ships, and rolling rolls required to make steel plates for steel mills.

The flagship 17,000-ton press machine is the world's largest. A block of metal the size of a bus made by molten metal is heated up to 1,200°C, and then a 17,000-ton press machine is pressed and pounded with the force of 240,000 adult men at the same time to process it into various shapes.

Turbine Shop

A turbine shop is a factory that manufactures ultra-precise technology-intensive turbines and generators that are supplied to power plants that generate electricity.

Its main products include 1,400MW ultra-large steam turbines for nuclear power plants, large gas turbines and steam turbines for LNG power plants, and large generators for nuclear power plants and LNG power generation.

The gas turbine for power generation, which is the representative product, is a device that rotates at a high temperature of more than 1,500 degrees Celsius at a speed of Mach 1 or more, and can be said to be a concentration of mechanical technology. In 2019, it developed the world's fifth gas turbine (270MW class) for power generation and installed it at domestic power plant, which is in operation and is about to be commercialized. An upgraded gas turbine (380MW class) reflecting the latest specifications is also under manufacturing currently.

Nuclear Shop

It manufactures nuclear reactors, steam generators, pressurizers, and reactor coolant pumps, which are the major components of nuclear power plants, and is also a key manufacturing shop in the global foundry strategy of SMR (Small Modular Reactor), which is emerging around the world.

So far, it has supplied 34 reactor vessels and 124 steam generators to nuclear power plants in Korea and overseas. We supplied the main components to the recently completed UAE Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, and we also started manufacturing the Shinhanul 3 and 4 main components.

Doosan is the first company in the world to start manufacturing major equipment materials for NuScale Power, and we are in the process of collaborating with leading global SMR companies such as X-Energy.

In the future, we will contribute to Korea's innovative i-SMR as a SMR foundry.