UC ANR Program Support Unit

ANR Building's Meeting Rooms


Conference Rooms at ANR at 2801 Second Street, Davis

The meeting rooms listed below can be reserved by anyone in ANR via Outlook by sending an invitation to the room. These are self-managed reservations so be sure to cancel the meeting invite if your plans change and you no longer need the rooms.

    ANR Meeting Rooms

    • ANR-Coast Room – 16 
    • ANR-Colorado Room - 6 (located just inside the door from the San Joaquin Valley Foyer)
    • ANR-Mojave Room - 6 (located just inside the door from the San Joaquin Valley Foyer)
    • ANR-Bay Room - 8 (located just behind the Coast Room)
    • ANR-Sierra Room - 8 (2nd floor near the stairwell)

    The following 2 rooms are often overlooked space but they are reservable.

    • ANR-Modoc Room - No AV - 4 (located on 2nd floor in NE corner of building)
    • ANR-Klamath Room WrkTable (located on 2nd floor in SE corner of building)

    Checklist for Event Leads

    Please be sure to review the checklist and schedule a pre-event and post-event walk through with ANR Program Support.


    Valley Conference Center (Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley)

    The Valley rooms can only be reserved by submitting a request to Program Support Unit website via an online form. Please do not send reservation requests to these rooms.

    You can view the current reservations by adding the names of the rooms as follow to your Outlook: 

    • ANR-Sacramento Valley Room - 88 (42' x 30')
    • ANR-San Joaquin Valley Room - 112 (42' x 39')
    • Both rooms measure 42' x 69'

    Jump to Valley Room Floor Plan Setups

    Quiet Rooms

    There are two Quiet Rooms that are available on a drop-in basis. These rooms may not be reserved. Each seats 4-8 people at 2-5 ft. rectangular tables.


    To ensure proper insurance is on file, you must use an approved UC Davis caterer.

    Planning to serve alcohol? A request for ANR Alcohol Permit must be completed and approved prior to the event. Please contact ANR Program Support Unit for further information.

    Equipment and Furniture

    If you need any additional equipment (including tables or chairs), please contact Program Support Unit (PSU) or complete an online form to reserve equipment or furniture.

    Video Conferencing

    Coast, Bay and Sierra meeting rooms are fully equipped for video conferencing and are equipped with telephones and large monitors. For those rooms, contact IT Desktop Support for assistance at 750-1212.

    Valley Rooms: Please contact ANR Program Support Unit for further information.



    Meeting Info to Share with Participants

    About participating in a meeting at the ANR building.


    Adding the ANR rooms into your Outlook

    1. Open your Outlook calendar.
    2. Right click on rooms in the Outlook Calendar side bar.
    3. Select “Add Calendar” and then “From Room list.”
    4. Then select the following rooms. You will be able to view the room calendars to check availability and to send meeting requests to each room. You cannot click and add directly to a room calendar.

    Please do NOT send requests to the Valley Rooms. Those rooms require an online requesting a reservation to be completed.