Breastfeeding Medicine Network Australia/New Zealand Conference 2024

Rydges Melbourne, VIC

26 - 28 April 2024


Welcome to the

Breastfeeding Medicine Network Australia / New Zealand Conference 2024

26-28 April 2024

Rydges Melbourne, 186 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000



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Speakers include:

Dr Robyn Powell (UK)

Dr Laura Kair (USA)

Prof Lisa Amir  (Vic, Australia)

Dr Danielle Arabena (Queensland, Australia)

Dr Anita Bearzatto (Vic, Australia)

Ms Anita Moorhead (Vic, Australia)

Ms Katherine Ong (Vic, Australia)

Dr Kate Rassie (Vic, Australia)

Dr Marnie Rowan (WA, Australia)

Dr Chloe Smith (Vic, Australia)

Dr Alison Soerensen (WA, Australia)

Dr Rebecca Werther (Vic, Australia)

Topics include:


  • Top 10 Breastfeeding Research papers for 2023
  • Antenatal expressing for women with diabetes in pregnancy – outcomes from the Diabetes and Antenatal expressing trial (DAME) trial.
  • Diabetes, PCOS and breastfeeding
  • Panel – Bringing research regarding metabolic disorders into clinical practice
  • Supporting LGBTQ families with lactation and human milk feeding
  • Looking forward: Looking back. Exploring the Cultural Indigegogy of birth and  breastfeeding.
  • Gestational cancer and lactation-it takes a village.
  • The power of Peer Support – physicians and breastfeeding
  • Substance use and breastfeeding
  • Understanding the impact of medical problems on the suck-swallow-breathe complex and the disruption to infant feeding. 
  • Clinical Cases - NICU Graduation, Induction lactation, Faltering growth
  • Managing Allergies in the Breastfed Baby



Speakers include:

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Dr Laura Kair

Dr Robyn Powell

Dr Lisa Amir

Dr Danielle Arabena

Post Conference Workshop. Newborn Behavioural Observations (NBO) Training 29-30th April 2024

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