Advertising and Support Commitment Deadline - November 30.

Supporting an event or item distributed to Annual Meeting participants is the most ‎effective way for you to increase your ROI and show the medical directors, doctors, ‎EMT’s and other professionals attending that you support them. NAEMSP® offers you ‎many different options and levels of support to fit your marketing objectives and budget. ‎Registrations, advertising and various levels of recognition are included as part of the ‎fee, making sponsorship the best value for your marketing dollar. The deadline for ‎meeting support commitments is November 30.‎
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To purchase one of the advertising or support opportunities below, please click here

Advertising Opportunities

NAEMSP® WEBSITE ADVERTISING: With an average of approximately 200 visits per ‎day, advertising on the NAEMSP® website is sure to get your company noticed. ‎Advertisements are placed on the home page so website visitors will see your ‎advertisement any time they visit the website. Please note, when multiple companies ‎purchase ads, all ads will be placed on a timed rotation. 

3 Months (January - March)       $750
6 Months (January - June)          $1,000

$450 - ANNUAL MEETING MOBILE APP ADVERTISEMENTS: Your company's ad will be in the palms of every attendees hands! Place a rotating banner ad in the meeting mobile app that is used every day by almost every attendee.

PRE AND POST-CONFERENCE ATTENDEE LISTS: Attendee mailing lists (no emails) are available for purchase only.  Please view the NAEMSP® mailing list policy here.

NEW! Upgrade your Listing in the Mobile App! 
NAEMSP®'s new meeting mobile app provides the opportunity for exhibitors and ‎supporters to include a PDF handout or video link in their company description. Enhance ‎your company's exposure in the mobile app by including a PDF handout or video link by ‎downloading the support and advertising agreement here. The PDF handout and/or ‎video must be submitted to the executive office no later than November 30, 2023.


Below is a detailed list of the meeting support opportunities available at the 2024 Annual ‎Meeting. Support is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. NAEMSP® will attempt to ‎meet your request; however, we cannot guarantee availability. If you are interested in ‎partial support of one of these options, please contact We ‎appreciate your support of the 2024 Annual Meeting and NAEMSP®!‎

Complimentary meeting registrations are included in the Platinum (3), Gold (2), and Silver (1) level support packages. Supporters receiving complimentary registrations for the educational sessions will be emailed a special registration form to complete for each individual receiving the complimentary registration. Attendees will not be registered for the meeting unless the Executive Office receives the specially marked registration form prior to the final pre-registration cutoff date. 



Activity/ Item Options:

  • Evening Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall – $20,000  SOLD OUT!
  • Awards Luncheon – $15,000  SOLD OUT!
  • Water Bottles – $10,000 Includes company logo on reusable water bottle distributed to ‎all attendees 
  • Happy Hour Reception – $10,000 Gain more dedicated time with attendees by ‎providing cocktails and beverages after session hours.‎ SOLD OUT!
  • Pre-Con Reception - $10,000‎ SOLD OUT!
  • Audio/Visual – $10,000 Includes your company logo on each meeting room screen at ‎the beginning and end of each session
  • Meeting Padfolios – $10,000 Quality tote bag or padfolio with your logo and NAEMSP®’s ‎logo.


Activity/ Item Options:

  • Meeting Smart Phone App – $8,000 Cutting-edge smart phone application can include ‎sponsor logo banner.
  • International Speaker Grant – $6,000 Donate a minimum of $6,000 to the International ‎speaker grant fund. Support will help cover the speakers’ travel expenses for this event.
  • Continental Breakfast – $8,000 each (3)* Price includes yogurt, fruit, hard boiled eggs, ‎coffee, tea and juice. Three days available.
  • Hotel Key Cards – $8,000 Includes your logo on each attendee’s hotel room key.
  • ‎Lanyards – $8,000 Quality lanyard with your logo and NAEMSP®’s logo. ‎‎(NAEMSP® to produce the item).
  • Meeting Signage – $8,000 All meeting room signs will contain your logo and ‎company name.


Activity/ Item Options:

  • Refreshment Breaks – $5,000 each (6)* Price includes coffee, tea, soda and a snack. ‎Three A.M. and three P.M. breaks are available.‎


Activity/ Item Options:

  • Speaker Grant – $2,500 Donate a minimum of $2,500 to the speaker grant fund. 
  • Abstract Award – $2,000 each (4) Awards will be given for abstracts in the following ‎four categories: Best Resident/Fellow Presentation, Best EMS Professional ‎Presentation, Best Scientific Presentation and Best Poster Presentation. To specify a ‎specific award to underwrite, contact NAEMSP®.‎