NAEMSP® is looking forward to its 2024 Annual Meeting in The Live Music Capital of the World® ‎‎- Austin, Texas. This meeting will provide a forum for discussion on improving the quality of out-‎of-hospital emergency medical care. Speakers will discuss cutting-edge issues important to the ‎future of EMS and present new ideas, concepts and position statements vital to EMS ‎professionals preparing to work in the EMS systems of the future.


The Annual Meeting has continued to grow each year, with more than 1300 attendees – ‎‎61% physicians, 11% physician residents/fellows, 22% professionals, 3% International ‎and 3% students. This is your opportunity to reach NAEMSP® members: the decision ‎makers, administrators and medical directors who directly impact EMS systems. Our ‎medical director members are the key decision makers on the products, protocols and ‎services their prehospital emergency medical system uses.

Past attendees include medical directors from all over the U.S. as well as Canada, ‎Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Ireland, Australia, China, France, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, ‎Switzerland and the UK. There is no other meeting that will gather so many medical ‎directors in one place. Don’t miss your chance to promote your products and services!





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