Frequently asked questions

How do I find my member registration passcodes? 

All passcodes have been sent to the Member Company primary contact on record. These codes may also be found in the primary contact’s profile on The Hub.

How many tickets are available to my member company? 

If your company is a Supporter level member, you receive 1 in-person pass and 2 virtual passes. If your company is a Partner level member, you receive 3 in-person passes and 2 virtual passes. If you are a Friend level member, there are no passes, however you receive the member discount by selecting “Member” when you start the online registration. All are verified through the registration process.

Can we exchange virtual passes for in-person passes and vice versa? 

During COVID we had developed the virtual side of our conference and added virtual tickets to your member benefits without increasing the cost of membership. For the past two conferences, we converted tickets between virtual and in-person due to travel restrictions mainly. We are unable to convert passes this year. We hope you find value in the reduced membership rate to purchase any additional tickets you may need.

Is it possible to convert a full week ticket into one-day passes so more colleagues can attend? 

We are unable to break up passes to accommodate multiple 1-day passes. We hope you find value in the reduced membership rate to purchase any additional tickets you may need.

Where can I find the full agenda for the Conference? 

Please visit the Agenda page for all updates.

How can I participate as an exhibitor, sponsor and/or speaker? 

To participate as an Exhibitor, submit the Exhibitor Application Form
To participate as a Sponsor, visit the Sponsor page for those opportunities and an email address to contact the Conference team. 
There is not an open call for speaker nominations this year. You can contact the Conference team to make note of your interest for the Agenda Development team’s consideration.

How do we best support producers / farmer groups to attend the conference? 

We believe a diversity of roles, experiences, and perspectives are needed to build tools and enable conversations that will move us towards our Climate+ goals. Everyone in our industry deserves a seat at the table regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or financial means. To help break down the barriers that prevent underrepresented groups in our industry from attending our conference, we're excited to offer travel and/or conference grants for selected Farmers and Growers. To be considered, please submit the Farmer and Grower Application Form before September 1, 2023.
Attention Non-Farmers and Growers: If your company is interested in supporting a farmer to attend the conference by covering their travel, lodging, registration pass, and other expenses, please contact the Conference team.

Can I add a field trip to my registration at a later date? 

You can add a field trip to your registration at a later date. Be aware that the field trip capacity is limited and on a first come, first served basis. Once sold out, they will close.

What sustainability efforts are being made at the O2 InterContinental?

The hotel has a Green Team, which meets monthly to decide on goals and actions. The team is supported by IHG Green Engage – an innovative online environmental sustainability system, which gives the hotel the means to measure and manage its environmental impact. Some of these projects include Energy Efficient Appliances, NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors, Meter Whole Building Water Use, Sustainable Building Exterior, and Hardscape Management Plan. The O2 InterContinental has solar panels, which at present account for 2 – 5% of its energy usage. 

To reduce single-use plastic waste, all cleaning and laundry product bottles are re-fillable, and to enable recycling, separate recycling bins are provided throughout every department and back-of-house. 

In terms of food and beverage, seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown in-house in the hotel’s rooftop garden, which are used throughout the hotel, and grown using an eco-friendly irrigation system to water the plants. All meat is sourced as locally as possible from within the UK and the EU, and to minimize food waste, the staff canteen is stocked with untouched leftover food from events.

More information to follow soon.