California 4-H State Field Day 

In-person State Field Day
May 25, 2024
UC Davis Wellman Hall and Hart Hall

Virtual State Field Day Contests
April 30-May 23, 2024

Forestry Contest

About the Forestry Contest

All youth ages 9-18 are welcome to participate! Potential exhibitors can expect to test their knowledge of tree identification, topographic map reading, and general questions about the field of forestry.

The contest provides opportunities for you to:

  • Increase your knowledge of forestry and knowledge related to forest management
  • Expand your ability to identify various forest trees
  • Better understand basic cartography

Questions? Please contact
Competition Coordinator: John Trammel at

Results will be shared during the Awards Ceremony on May 26, 2024.

Certificates and pins will be mailed to UCCE 4-H county offices.
*Pending that a full and qualified group of members competes


    • General Forestry - 10 questions (10 points)

    • Tree Identification (10 points)

    • Topographic Maps (10 points)

      • Participants will have to read USGS topographic maps at a scale of 1:24,000 and identify 8 map symbols and geographic features. 

      • Participants will need to determine the elevation difference from one feature to another (this requires them to understand contour lines)

      • Lastly, they will need to measure the distance from one location to another using a map scale and ruler

      • Study resources are on the national website

    • Forest Health - Insects and Diseases (10 points)

      • Youth will need to identify 5 different insects and 5 different diseases.  All pulled from the national list. 

      • Identification will include either the physical insect or evidence of the insects.