DECEMBER 5 - 7,  2023



The Ten Across geography—from California to Texas to Florida—features a diverse range of socio-economic, demographic, and climate related challenges. With an election year looming, the divisions in the country continue to widen, especially between red and blue states, urban and rural populations, and the major political parties. While the public is relatively consistent in its view on many critical issues, the distance between varying points of view has been exaggerated by social media, recent state legislation, and various court rulings.

California is often touted as the standard bearer for the rest of the country regarding environmental awareness and equitable public policies. It also boasts the largest economy in the United States and would be ranked 5th in the world if it were a stand-alone nation. The sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles and its array of diverse communities is made possible by some of the most complex—and vulnerable—infrastructure in the U.S. with the strains of climate change necessitating new modes of operation for the future. This is made more interesting as other states and political leaders attempt to cast the “California model” as out of step with the country.

LA and CA provide an ideal setting for examining the issues of water, energy, global commerce, transportation, housing, environmental justice, and insurable risk—hallmarks of the Ten Across initiative.

Join us in Los Angeles where we will demonstrate how the Ten Across region provides a unique lens of the challenges facing the country today and the boundaries—either physical or regulatory—that must be overcome to make way for needed innovation and achievable solutions leading to a more sustainable and inclusive future.