Session Handouts

Overview of Medical Optometry: 2023 and Beyond
Different Perspectives of Myopia Management
Update on Treatment and Management of Ocular Hypertension
The Art and Science of Scleral Lenses
Glaucoma Drop Conundrum
Power Profiles and Lens Designs of Soft Contact Lenses for Myopia Management (and beyond)
Anterior Segment: When to Play and When to Pass

Myopia Management Where are We Today - Panel Discussion Liu Slides
Myopia Management Whare are we Today - Panel Discussion Wallace Tucker Slides
My Favorite Practice Management Pearl
Understanding Nutrition of the Vitreous and the Retina: A novel way to Improve Patient care
Keynote Session: Innovation in Glaucoma, Cataracts, and the Future
Not Your Mama’s Dry Eyes: Detection, Treatment, and Practice Benefits
How to Build Value in Your Business - Part 1 + Part 2
Myopia: The Present and the Future
How to Profit with Vision Plans
Menopause, Manopause & Presbyopia: Emotional Roller Coaster of Presbyopia

AMD: Update
The Staff Role In Myopia Management - Panel Discussion
The Role of Multimodal Imaging in the Diagnosis of Geographic Atrophy
The Back-to-Basics Masterclass for Optometrists + Opticians
Perilous Ptosis: Red Flag, Red Herring, or Red Alert
Eyecare Business Optical Retail Strategies Panel: PART 1, Who is the NEW Patient/Consumer?
Eyecare Business Optical Retail Strategies Panel-PART 2, Rapid-Fire Retail Strategies
Using Contact Lens + Disease = Practice Success
The Digital Prowess Bootcamp - Expert Strategies
5 Diagnoses You Cannot Afford to Miss
The Staffing Crisis Series

Practical Diagnosis & Management of Dry Eye in Diabetes and other Systemic Diseases
Prevention of Medical Errors
Diabetes Case Studies with an Eye on the Future
Florida Jurisprudence Laws and Rules of Practice
Welcome Aboard the Sweet Titanic: Diabetes, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease