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What is LLS doing to help protect blood cancer patients who attend this program?

  • In solidarity for our immunocompromised patients and their caregivers, LLS requests that all participants wear masks indoors, except while eating or drinking. 
  • It is highly recommended that all blood cancer patients or other immunocompromised individuals check with their healthcare provider before attending this event. Research conducted by LLS and others has shown that some blood cancer patients do not get optimal protection from COVID19 vaccination and may continue to have heightened susceptibility to contracting and becoming ill from COVID19. While at the event, we urge our community to respect anyone’s choice to continue to take precautions like masking or social distancing. 
  • LLS has worked tirelessly to help blood cancer patients and survivors make informed choices to protect themselves from the profound effects of COVID19 on their cancer care and daily lives. As the country moves toward “business as usual,” LLS encourages everyone to respect and protect each other.

    RESPECT and support anyone’s decision to continue to wear a mask and social distance. You never know if the person next to you is taking extra precautions to protect themselves or their loved ones.

    PROTECT blood cancer patients and others who are immunocompromised. We can do this by encouraging these individuals (and everyone around them) to get vaccinated and speak to their doctor about additional precautions they should take. 
  • LLS will provide masks and hand sanitizer at the event. 
  • It is recommended that all participants wear a mask. 
  • LLS will set up for and encourage social distancing. 
  • Color coded name tags
    We know that everyone may have a different level of comfort with loosening restrictions. Our color-coded name tags will allow attendees to easily communicate their boundary comfort levels.
    • RED indicates HIGH CAUTION: Please do not engage with me without a mask, always keep 6+ feet distance.
    • YELLOW indicates MEDIUM CAUTION: I am ok with close conversations with masks on.
    • GREEN indicates LOW CAUTION: I am ok with physical contact and close conversations with masks on. 

Where can I learn more about COVID information and resources for blood cancer patients?
Latest Information and Resources from LLS on COVID-19

I am not comfortable attending an in-person event. Are there other options available for education?
Patients who are not comfortable attending in-person can find virtul education opportunities at

Contact: Gabriela Ruiz at 602.567.7593 or


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