We are working with our sustainability partner, Introba, to mitigate the carbon produced from the Summer Party by measuring and actioning the reduction of emissions in addition to capturing data to create a baseline for future events.


Why is it essential to address our carbon emissions?

All types of events contribute to releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Even for small events, carbon emissions add up quickly, so it's critical we take action to manage the emissions from the CoreNet Summer Party through quantification, reduction and mitigation.


Gathering Data

To lower this event's carbon emissions, with the help of our sustainability partner Introba, we will be gathering data from the organisers, caterers, attendees and use the BP events carbon calculator to calculate the emissions. The data collected will include distance travelled by attendees and staff, where the food for the event is sourced, how the food waste is disposed of, meter readings, and other metrics.

Help us to calculate this event's carbon emissions by answering three short questions in our Travel Questionnaire (time to complete 30 seconds).

Carbon Mitigation

Once we have gathered the data and calculated the carbon emissions produced from the event, Introba will support CoreNet UK Chapter in measuring and understanding the operational and embodied carbon, utilising a local partner that is third-party verified.