Giving Impactful & Equitable Feedback

Simone Hill Okafor, CEO and Founder, Melanated Futures Group

Providing feedback to your team members is a vital part of a manager’s role, but it can be a difficult process to navigate. In this workshop, we will review helpful frameworks to provide impactful feedback that puts your team on the right track. We will
also cover pitfalls to avoid ensuring equitable outcomes across your team.


Removing Bias from the Interview Process

Chaka Booker, Chief People Officer, Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

Chaka will be leading an interactive keynote presentation on removing bias from the interview process. Regardless of what industry you may represent, the success of any organization hinges on the talent inside. Building teams through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion has been proven to lead to strong cultures and high-performance outcomes. In this presentation, Chaka talks with us about how bias shows up in our interviews, why we should take a deep look at the term “culture fit” and how we can manage our organization's most important investment - our people. Attendees will walk away with tactical tips on things to do before, during, and after the interview to ensure bias is not a part of the selection process.  


Employer Panel: Perspectives from Industry 

A panel of recruiters and DEI leaders from varying industries will come together to address tips on recruiting diverse talent, sharing your company’s DEI commitment effectively and impactfully, pay equity, and changes in recruiting processes to ensure inclusivity. There will also be time for Q&A, so come with your burning questions about DEI in recruiting!

Moderator: Helen Hong, Senior Diversity Strategies for MBA and Experienced Talent at Vanguard

Janet Chin, Campus Outreach Program Manager, Google
Roger Antoniazzo, MBA & Graduate Programs Sr. Manager, Abbott
Ayo Odosote, Principal, Deloitte Consulting