Agenda Overview

Day 1 (July 10) - Arrive at the Makedonia Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki. Reception hosted by AUTh Rector at Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Day 2 (July 11) - Symposium on Thermodynamics of phase transforming materials and materials with complex behavior in Thessaloniki.

Day 3 (July 12) - Dialectic peripatetic discussion on second law of thermodynamics in Stageira. Evening reception hosted by Mayor of Alexandroupolis will follow at Ramada Conference Center in Alexandroupolis

Day 4 (July 13) - Symposium on Thermodynamics of materials with microstructure and thermodynamics across scales, from discrete to continuum in Alexandroupolis

Day 5 (July 14) - Visit Caratheodory Family Museum at Nea Vyssa, Orestias. Banquet honoring Constantin Caratheodory will be held. 

Day 6 (July 15) - Visit Abdera, birthplace of Democritus. Peripatetic discussion and debate on the Aristotelian (continuum) vs. Democritean (discrete) philosophies and scientific points of view. Drive to Thessaloniki and stay at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki

Day 7 (July 16) - Depart Thessaloniki Airport. 


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