Keynote Presentation: 
Frontiers in Integrative Oncology: Supportive Care During Treatment and Beyond

Ashwin Mehta, MD
Medical Director of Integrative Medicine
Medical Director of Physician Wellness
Memorial Cancer Institute

In accord with their mission statement – "To heal the body, mind and spirit of those we touch", Dr. Ashwin Mehta was recruited as the Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at the Memorial Healthcare System in October of 2015. 

Dr. Mehta trained as a fellow in the Program of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and specializes in Internal Medicine and Sleep. He served as the member of the Board of Trustees for the International Society for Integrative Oncology in 2016 and his expertise includes nutrition, exercise, sleep, yoga and mindfulness to achieve wellness in the context of coping with chronic medical conditions. Dr. Mehta’s research interests include the use of preventative medicine and positive health behaviors to improve quality of life throughout the spectrum of cancer care.