About the Spotlight HS

Spotlight HS, formerly HS Summit, is the premier annual conference for people affected by HS. This meeting was created to empower and validate people affected by HS in their treatment journey.

The second annual Spotlight HS will provide educational activities with an integrative; and innovative approach for people with HS and their partners. We aim to develop and deliver content geared towards a lay audience with a focus on best-level evidence across multiple specialties and management approaches.

Our curriculum encompasses a broad range of educational topics including Current Treatments, Wound Care, Pain Management, Myth Busting, Nutrition & HS, Connecting with Other HS Patients, Ask the Specialist, and Wellness & Yoga.

We have designed our content to meet people affected by HS where they are. We will produce a series of sessions consisting of short talks, discussions and chat rooms that are conducted cooperatively by faculty and people affected by HS experts.

Committee Members

Joslyn Sciaca Kirby, MD, Co-Chair
Tiffany Mayo, MD, Co-Chair

Donna Atherton, EdD, MSW, CLC
Steven Daveluy, MD
Jasmine Espy
Brindley Kons
Athena Mammis-Gierbolini