Age plus Action is scheduled for June 12 to 13 in Arlington, Virginia and online on June 20 to 21.





This national conference brings together hundreds of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that every person has the resources to age well.


We have resources available to help you plan and deliver the most useful presentations. Explore the presenter resources to help you prepare your presentation(s). 


Presenter Social Media Toolkit

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Going to #AgeAction? Catch the session [Presenter 2] from [insert org name handle] and I are doing on [insert your presentation title] on [insert date/time]. Register at


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Join me at [insert date/time] at #AgeAction for my session on [insert your presentation title]. Register at


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#AgeWell #OlderAdults #Caregiver #FallsPrevention
#HealthyLiving #BrainHealth #BoneHealth #Nutrition


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Session Types

We are offering these session types at Age+Action. Please find your session type, so you can plan your individual presentation accordingly.


Session Types Details Maximum # of Presenters Session Description
Learning Lab

30-minute session


Allow for a 25-minute presentation, plus Q&A

Two (2) 

A formal presentation usually given by 1 or 2 presenters, highlighting one or more case studies.


Some Learning Lab sessions in the agenda are standalone 30-minute sessions or two Learning Labs in a 60-minute session.

Deep Dive

60-minute session


Allow for introductions, 40 minute presentation, plus dedicated Q&A

Three (3)

A highly interactive presentation given by 1-3 presenters, developing skills through collaborative learning.

Focuses on a single topic or concept and may feature interactive activities
Skill-building Workshop

60-minute session


Allow for introductions, 50-minute interactive presentation, plus Q&A througout

Three (3) Sessions that emphasize skills development and incorporate interactive and hands‐on learning.
Panel Discussion

60-minute session


Allow for introductions, 50-minute interaction among panelists, plus Q&A

Four (4) A discussion with one (1) moderator and up to four (4) panelists presenting perspectives around a specific topic.

60-minute session


Allow for 2-5 minute introductions, introduce the topic, two rounds of dedicated 20-minute discussions at tables or virtual breakout rooms, and quick 2-5 minute wrap up

Five (5) A moderated discussion with several speakers that bring a variety of perspectives that encourage participant engagement. Participants will be able to ask questions at roundtables (in-person conference) or in virtual breakout rooms (virtual conference).