Next Gen Execs

We invite IFMA members to celebrate their Next Gen Execs by bringing them to Scottsdale to experience Presidents Conference and get more deeply involved as future leaders of our industry. 



As the food-away-from-home industry’s premier top-to-top forum, IFMA Presidents Conference attracts senior executives from across the ecosystem. A key thread in this year’s program is talent and leadership development. Engaging and developing rising talent within member organizations – and the industry at large – is critical for sustained success and viability. Think of this as a tool we’re offering you to use as part of your development plans for team leaders.

With guidance from the Planning Committee, we are beginning what will be an ongoing and iterative approach to welcoming and involving the next generation of executive leaders in Presidents Conference and beyond. We’ll look to evolve and expand this program with the feedback and direct input of this year’s Next Gen Exec cohort.


Q: Who is considered a Next Gen Exec?
A: This individual is the next generation of executive with potential for increased leadership opportunities within their organization.  They are a high-performing employee with characteristics such as:

  • Commitment to the industry and IFMA, potentially through committee involvement
  • Inspiring others and driving impact in their own organization and beyond
  • Modeling inclusive behavior
  • Serving as a thought-leader among peers
  • Showing potential for the executive track

Q: How does a company “nominate” a Next Gen Exec?
A: For this upcoming Presidents Conference, there will not be a nomination process. We ask that companies identify a Next Gen Exec within their organizations, register them for Presidents Conference and contact Courtney Graham Sriha ( to let us know who that individual is.


Q: How will we know who is a Next Gen Exec at Presidents Conference?
A: Next Gen Execs will have a ribbon on their badge, so be sure to introduce yourself to them throughout the conference. There will also be reserved tables at meals for Next Gen Execs to connect. 

Q: How will IFMA engage and recognize these Next Gen Execs at Presidents Conference?
A: This year, we will gather the Next Gen Exec cohort for a session on Monday afternoon for them to meet one another as well as senior leaders from the IFMA membership to create community and foster opportunities for networking and mentor/mentee relationship building. Next Gen Execs will also be celebrated at the Monday evening reception. 

Q: What happens after President’s Conference?
A: As this is the first year convening a Next Gen Exec cohort, we will be seeking their feedback and direct input on how we grow the program for next year and beyond. This could entail one or more virtual meetings to share thoughts and suggestions, transitioning to a committee for deeper engagement, and/or the opportunity to shape a session(s) at next year’s Presidents Conference. 

Q: Can we get a price break for a Next Gen Exec?
A: As this is an initial phase of the program and to be equitable to all members, all registration fees will be what is listed on the IFMA website.


For further questions about Next Gen Execs, please contact Courtney Graham Sriha at