211 Leadership Summit 

October 11-13, 2022

Alexandria, Virginia


The 211 Leadership Summit will bring together United Way and independent network leaders to collectively advance the work of 211. This special 25th Anniversary event will offer opportunities to showcase our impact, connect with colleagues and strategize our bright future together. With a rich history in service provision, the Summit will explore how 211 continues to transform in helping people find and get help. Highlights will include leading with increased awareness, revenue opportunities and data sharing partnerships, and positioning 211 for impact. 

Goals of the event:

  1. Further develop the vision, priorities, and strategies that drive mission impact. 
  2. Facilitate networking, learning, and knowledge sharing among United Way and independent 211 leaders to collectively advance the work of 211.
  3. Celebrate 25 years of 211 service as a springboard for network-wide strategic planning.  

The 211 Leadership Summit is intended for United Way and 211 agency leadership, such as CEOs, Vice Presidents and Center Directors/Managers. Please only proceed through registration if your role aligns with this intended audience.


The Advocacy Forum & Capitol Hill Day will feature speakers from United Way Worldwide and partners across the country. We will be rolling out additions to the speaker lineup regularly, so keep checking back to get the most recent updates.


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The cost for the 211 Leadership Summit 2022 is $575 per person.

Keep in mind that this event is eligible for flexible credit use! Check out the flexible credit policy (United Way Online access required) for details about flexible credits.  

In this group on Workplace, United Ways can connect with one another to offer or request donations of flexible credits.  Remember that all flexible credits which were due to expire in December 2021 are automatically extended until December 2022; see the full policy on UWO.


The cost for the Advocacy Forum and Capitol Hill Day 2022 is $495 per person; you can add the 1-day bootcamp for $75 per person.




  • One Day Conference
  • 3 Workshops
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  • Two Day Conference
  • Sessions & Capitol Hill Day




  • Optional Advocacy Bootcamp
  • Two Day Conference
  • Sessions & Capitol Hill Day


We're here to help! Contact us anytime with questions about the 211 Leadership Summit.



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