Ambu has delivered solutions for the future since 1937, and millions of people depend on our endoscopy, anaesthesia and patient monitoring solutions.

Our early innovations include the Ambu® Bag™. Then we launched aScope™, the world’s first flexible single-use bronchoscope that raised the bar with new possibilities. And now with our latest technology, Ambu scopes reach even greater heights.

Today, we continue to collaborate with leading experts to deliver innovations that make a real difference to healthcare professionals and patients.

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The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre tells the remarkable story of anaesthesia, from its first public demonstration in 1846 to the founding of anaesthesia as we know it today. Formed in 1953 from the private collection of Charles King’s historic anaesthetic apparatus, the heritage team now care for over 13,000 items across the museum, library, and archive collections. 

It is accessible to all and free to visit (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm, 21 Portland Place).  Our current exhibition is, Going Viral: Contagion, Pestilence and Pandemics.

British Humane Society resuscitation set

? Find out on the display!

Contact: Caroline Hamson, Heritage Manager. Email


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Creo Medical is improving patient outcomes by delivering pioneering solutions across the world.

Introducing Creo Medical: Learn about Creo Medical, our Advanced Energy technology and how we can help you here

Our advanced energy is addressing unmet needs by providing solutions for indications previously requiring a surgical intervention. By partnering with industry leaders, we are providing intelligent solutions through the technology of tomorrow. 

Our single use H-Steriscope Bronchoscopes offer the ideal solution for difficult airways in paediatrics, (specialist ZERO 2.2mm / SLIM 3.2mm). Some of the key benefits are No Cross-Contamination, 210 Wider angulations, Rotation and Passive bending.

Meet Neil and Lawrence on the stand:
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Fannin offer innovative and high-quality products such as TwitchView® Train of Four Monitors, SunStim® Peripheral Nerve Stimulators, AirQ3G® Supraglottic Airways, Airtraq® Guided Channel Video Laryngoscopes, AccuCuff® Cuff Pressure Indicators, AmSafe® Pre-filled Saline Syringes, FlowArt® Needle-free Access Ports, SwabArt® Disinfecting Caps, I-Pro Elite Skintact® Eye Protectors, Tivatek® TIVA Sets, Double Chamber Blood Sets and IV Gravity Administration Sets. 

Through our Anaesthesia Divisional Team and the provision of leading-edge technologies supported by leadership positions, we will deliver the highest standards of customer service and clinical supports within an ever-changing and developing health service. 

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Mindray’s Perioperative Care Solution combines a broad range of medical devices into one solution. With rapid interfacing between different devices and integration into hospital networks, clinical teams can improve information management to enhance patient safety and deliver even better care. 

Pioneering performance from the A9 anaesthesia system lets you focus on your patients. Complete intubation quickly and safely with High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) and automatically adjust fresh gas and vaporiser output with Automatic Controlled Anaesthesia (ACA).  Automated anaesthetic gas reduction strategies come as standard for a safer, greener operating rooms.



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P3 Medical Limited is a privately-owned UK-based company that specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative, high-quality medical devices for the global healthcare market.

Our headquarters and international distribution centre are based in Bristol in the South West of England. This is also the location of our manufacturing site, fully equipped with four modern cleanrooms. We have a further production and cleanroom facility in Preston in the North West of England.
We work closely with clinicians to develop cost-effective solutions which enhance hospital efficiency, patient care and overall safety in operating theatres. 
In addition to marketing our own range, P3 Medical also acts as UK distributor to a number of leading medical device manufacturers to bring innovative products of high quality and value to our NHS and private hospitals.
We also supply many leading manufacturers on a sub-contract or private-label basis. Our manufacturing capabilities include extrusion, moulding and cleanroom assembly. To discuss how our production techniques could help your business, please contact our Sales Team.    

All of our devices comply with the requirements of the Medical Device Directive and we operate a quality management system to ISO9001 and ISO13485.

P3 Medical, 1 Newbridge Close, Bristol BS4 4AX, 
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Paediatric Anaesthesia Trainee Research Network APAGBI

We run one major national project every 2 years along with annual swift surveys on topics relating to paediatric anaesthetic practice.

PaedIatric caNcellation ratEs And PerioPerative clinicaL Evaluation (PINEAPPLE) is our latest national study and data collection has started!

The 2023 swift surveys are now available to complete:
1.    Extubation in Paediatric Anaesthesia
2.    Discussion of Risk in Paediatric Anaesthesia
3.    Emergency Drug Preparation in Paediatric Anaesthesia

More information is available on our website: 



If you would like to get involved, then drop us a line with your name, grade and current training location at

SageTech Medical – Leading Sustainable Anaesthesia.

SageTech Medical has developed a safe, sustainable and easy to use circular economy solution that captures, recovers and recycles environmentally harmful waste volatile anaesthetic agents for future reuse. The innovative solution integrates simply, seamlessly and universally into existing anaesthetic equipment, with no need for change in clinical practice.

Luke Rawlinson, Head of Commercial’s E:





Video: SID-Solutions - Circular Economy (Anaesthetic Gas Capture & Recycling)


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