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Pre-Conference Education courses


E1   Navigating conflict and difficult conversations

Geared towards frontline staff, board members and those called upon to manage and resolve conflicts, this full-day workshop will give you proven techniques and skills to:


  • set boundaries for difficult decisions
  • de-escalate conflict situations
  • use interest-based problem solving
  • work in groups

Representatives from the Conflict Resolution Program at St. Stephen's Community House

E2   Supporting tenants with mental health and addictions

This full day course will focus on how non-profit housing providers can better support their tenants who are living with mental health and addictions issues. Learn about:
  • the incidence of mental health and addiction challenges in community housing
  • legal obligations for housing providers
  • eviction prevention and housing unit takeovers (HUTs)
  • low-cost initiatives to support tenants
  • resources for both residents and housing providers
Doug Levitt, Partner, Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP
Carol Zoulalian, Executive Director of St. Jude Community Homes;
Jessica Petrillo, Policy Analyst, Addictions and Mental Health Ontario (AMHO)

E3   Out of the ordinary: calculating RGI rent when income is irregular

Calculating rent under the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA) would be so much easier if all tenants had one source of income that never changed! Demystify the more complex - and sometimes vague - aspects of RGI calculations under the HSA. With an emphasis on where absolutes of the legislation apply and where there’s room for local discretion, we’ll roll up our sleeves together and work systematically through some challenging RGI scenarios including:

  • pursuit of income requirements
  • support income and retroactive calculations
  • averaging income
  • income that fluctuates

Roberta Jagoe, Policy Analyst, Region of Durham Housing Services Division

CANCELLED-E4   Managing hazards in the workplace

Managing non-profit housing is an around-the-clock responsibility. Facility managers are expected to ensure that the building is safe for residents and they’re required to work with avariety of hazards. Bring your questions and be ready to learn about legislated health and safety responsibilities including:
  • requirements under the Occupational Healthand Safety Act and applicable regulations
  • when a health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee is required
  • identification of current hazards (e.g. mold, asbestos, working with machines, working from heights, chemicals)
  • Ontario Regulations and controls required to manage hazards
  • assessing the level of risk of hazards in your workplace
Christine Joli-Coeur, Health and Safety Consultant, Government and Municipal sectors, Public Services Health & Safety Association

E5   Integrated hoarding interventions: challenging the congestion and the
       mental health issues

Hoarding behaviours can create a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing tenancies. Join an expert on hoarding to gain an understanding of the signs and symptoms of Hoarding Disorder, co-existing mental health challenges, the neurological underpinnings of compulsive hoarding and learn:

  • best practices for effective treatment of hoarding disorder
  • the foundation for treatment action planning
  • how to support tenants’ most challenging situations

Megan Phillips, Registered Psychotherapist & Owner, Integrated Hoarding Response Inc.


E6   Succession planning: getting your house in order

Bringing on new board members? Ensure you're setting your board up for success! Brush up on the basics and get new insights on:
  • strategic planning
  • updating by-laws
  • defining clear board, director and committee roles
  • the timeline orientation process

Ty Smith, Education and Reseach Advisor, ONPHA

E7   Housing Unit Takeovers: strategies for creating stable tenancies

Housing Unit Takeovers (HUTs) are a complex issue for housing providers. Join a veteran supportive housing provider and a lawyer with a wealth of experience responding to HUTs as they provide you with practical strategies for dealing with tenants who are vulnerable to unit takeovers and learn:

  • how to detect the signs of a potential unit takeover
  • steps to help stabilize the tenant’s housing
  • potential legal issues stemming from HUTs
Doug Levitt, Partner, Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP
Tiffany Remolader, Supportive Housing Landlord, House of Friendship
Lula Woldemariam, Supportive Housing Landlord, House of Friendship


Indigenous Housing Provider Gathering

Building on 2018’s inaugural full-day session, this year’s Indigenous Housing Providers Gathering will bring together First Nations, Métis and Inuit housing providers from across the province to discuss recent developments in Indigenous housing. Participants will discuss key federal and provincial updates and how they will impact your organizations, learn about ONPHA’s forthcoming Urban/Rural Housing Plan for Ontario, and engage in strategic discussions with fellow Indigenous housing providers about challenges, opportunities and next steps for the sector.

Pre-conference Events
Fees and Registration 

  Housing Members Service Manager Partners Full Rate
E1 Navigating conflict and difficult conversations (full-day)
$225 $340 $525
E2 Supporting tenants with mental health & addictions (full-day)
$225 $340 $525
E3 Out of the ordinary: calculating RGI rent when income is irregular (full-day)
$225 $340 $525
E4 Managing hazards in the workplace (full-day)
$225 $340 $525
E5 Integrated hoarding interventions: challenging the congestion and the mental health issues (full-day)
$225 $340 $525
E6 Succession planning: getting your house in order (half-day)
$125 $225 $270
E7 Housing Unit Takeovers: strategies for creating stable tenancies (half-day)
$125 $225 $270

Indigenous Housing Provider Gathering (full-day)


$105 $210 $210

Full-day Takes place October 31, 9am-4pm (includes breakfast, lunch and two coffee breaks).

Half-day Takes place October 31. Morning session is 9am-12pm (includes breakfast and a coffee break). Afternoon session is 1-4pm (includes a coffee break).

Register for both half-day sessions and get the regular full-day rate.

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