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Zoom Webinar Instructions

Speakers and attendees will need to ensure they have downloaded and installed the Zoom app for best experience. (joining from a compatible browser is also possible) A fast and stable internet connection is also required to avoid disconnections and interruptions in sound and image.

If you are to connect through dedicated video conferencing hardware such as Logitech tab or Zoom rooms, you won’t have access to the interpretation channels! To resolve this, simply click on the provided Zoom link on a computer, tablet or smartphone and follow the steps on screen.

If you connect trough a secured network behind a firewall, essential ports for you to access the Zoom session could be blocked by your IT department.

To resolve this you need to connect through an open WIFI or you can use your smartphone or tablet to connect to the Zoom session with a 4 or 5G connection.

Please make sure your name is written and spelled correctly (abbreviations are not acceptable) It is the more important if you are a panelist as our technical support needs to find you on a very long lists of attendees to attribute you the right to be seen and heard by all.

For more details on Zoom Webinar panelist’s interface and its requirements, have a look at our Zoom user guide.




Please have a look at our technical support’s

video tutorial 


The Conference will be held in-person at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels.  An online link will also be provided allowing the possibility for some participants who are unable to travel to observe the Conference remotely via an online platform (no active participation will be possible remotely). 



The Conference is a multi-stakeholder event bringing together not only Customs administrations but also representatives of other international organizations, academia, the private sector, civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including environmental policy-makers and international experts. 

Free of charge, open to all.



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 Innovation, environmental standards, competiveness, investment in digital infrastructures and data exchanging are some of the conference topics.


WCO headquarters in Brussels 

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