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Pennsylvania Neurological Society



Get your company in front of Pennsylvania physicians

with an interest in neurology in 2022!

The Pennsylvania Neurological Society is hosting two exciting events this year:

Everyday Clinical Neurology

The Everyday Clinical Neurology Meeting will be held on June 11, 2022. This meeting will provide neurological education to general practitioners, hospitalists, registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical or occupational therapists and students exploring their options!

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held September 17-18, 2022. This meeting is open to anyone, but will provide a deeper dive into topics and research than the Everyday Clinical Neurology meeting. 

Both meetings will be held on the innovative AirMeet platform to bring a user-friendly experience and more ROI to our supporters...YOU! For a quick visual of AirMeet, check out the short video to the right. 


New this year! Save time by registering for both meetings at the same time! 


Contact Lauren Klinedinst, CMP at lklinedinst@pamedsoc.org