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ICMIF Young Leaders Programme 2022 

For the third time, ICMIF will again be running a Young Leaders Programme for members at the 2022 ICMIF Biennial Conference in Rome, Italy (25-28 October 2022).

This unique programme is designed for young professionals (generally aged between 18 and 35) from mutual, cooperative and member-owned insurers who have been identified by their seniors as strong candidates to become future leaders within their organisations. It will give them the chance to attend the full ICMIF Conference at a discounted fee as well as participate in exclusive peer-to-peer learning sessions and networking events designed specifically to meet their interests.

The previous two ICMIF Young Leaders Programmes were held alongside the ICMIF Biennial Conferences in London, UK in 2017 and Auckland, New Zealand in 2019. In total, more than 100 young leaders from 40 member companies in 16 countries have been part of this unique programme. The previous events received excellent feedback both from the young leader attendees and from their senior managers who had sent them to attend the programme in London.
Those participating in the next Young Leaders Programme in Rome will have the chance to learn from and collaborate with peers at other ICMIF member companies and also enjoy the chance to network with CEOs, senior executives, industry leaders and key external influencers from around the world.

The programme will provide an excellent opportunity for ICMIF members to both develop and reward their younger and high potential employees, exposing them to wider issues impacting the insurance industry, strategic best-practice and mutuality on a global scale.

The Young Leaders Programme includes: 

  • Exclusive breakfast sessions for young leaders before the start of the main plenary sessions of the ICMIF Conference, featuring roundtable discussions with a number of invited ICMIF members’ CEOs.
  • A private welcome reception and other networking events designed for young leaders only.
  • Full access to all plenary sessions and social events of the conference, where young leaders have the chance to learn from and network with CEOs and senior leaders.
  • The possibility of being selected as a speaker in a conference plenary session.
  • A 50% discount on the full conference delegate fee.

More information

For more information about this programme, please contact Ben Telfer.


“The activities for the Young Leaders Programme allowed me to network, to build relationships, and to learn from the stories and experiences of other ICMIF members. I loved the opportunity given to us to pick the minds of CEOs and senior leaders in the industry on the various questions that we have. I found a great deal of valuable information to bring home to my cooperative.” 

Jackelyn Ballena, Vice President for Operations - Life Division, 1CISP (Philippines)    

“The Young Leaders Programme was a privilege to be a part of. Supplementary sessions for the Young Leaders Programme were well thought out and enabled me to get the most out of the event both in regards to networking with other leaders from around the globe, and the content of the main conference sessions”

Dan Hamilton, Senior Pricing Analyst, FMG (New Zealand) 

“Participating in the Young Leaders Programme was an incredible experience. The programme had a perfect blend of opportunities to connect with peers from other member organisations as well as the opportunity to learn alongside leaders who are shaping the world stage through innovative new techniques. I met several new colleagues whose work was able to be directly applied to what my team is working on.”

Dan Wanous, Director of Business Development, Thrivent Advisor Network, Thrivent (USA) 

“The Young Leaders Programme at the ICMIF Biennial Conference in London was a tremendous opportunity to meet peers from cooperative and mutual insurers from all around the globe, as well as an opportunity for the younger participants to exchange and discuss ideas with senior executives in person. I was overwhelmed by the willingness of the participants to share insights and knowledge about their initiatives to transform their businesses and meet the challenges our sector faces.”

Fabian Pütz, Assistant to Member of Board, DEVK Versicherungen (Germany)