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Cultural tours and social events

Monday 24 October 2022

ICMIF Board Dinner – hosted by UNIPOL (By invitation only)
La Lanterna


UNIPOL would like to invite all ICMIF Board and Committee members and their accompanying persons to a dinner in La Lanterna, an amazing space built on the foundations of a second century burial monument located in the historic city center. The space was designed by the famous architect Massimiliano Fuksas and has concepts of triangular geometry, allowing natural light to flood the interior space taking on the appearance of an irregular mirror. The dinner will be preceded by a walking tour in the beautiful city centre with the chance to see the well-known sites of Piazza del Popolo with the famous Obelisco; via Margutta; via Frattina and via Condotti; Piazza Navona; the Pantheon and, to finish the tour, Piazza di Spagna and Church of Trinità dei Monti.

A spectacular evening!

Tuesday 25 October 2022

ICMIF Welcome Reception, Botticelli Ballroom and Foyer, Rome Marriot Park Hotel


The ICMIF Welcome Reception will be held in the conference hotel to allow delegates to meet each other and their accompanying persons, exchange ideas and relax together upon arrival in Rome.

The evening will include a flavour of the local food and some excellent Italian wine.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Tour for accompanying persons: The Jewish Quarter and Trastevere

Pick up at hotel lobby at 09.30
Return time 15.30

Language: English

The area of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome is between the river Tiber, Piazza Venezia and Piazza Navona. It includes narrow streets and small paved squares with characteristic small black lava stones (San Pietrini). While walking in the Jewish Ghetto Rome it is possible to see fountains, palaces, churches, Roman remains, traditional shops and typical Roman, kosher restaurants. The Jewish Ghetto is one of the oldest and most interesting areas of Rome where it is still possible to experience the real Roman character and folklore.

A special lunch experience at the end of the tour at Pizzeria L’Elementare

You will have the chance to see pizza making and to taste one of the best pizzas in Rome and some other authentic Italian snacks. Beer will be the main drink for this unforgettable real Italian tasting experience.

Friday 28 October 2022

ICMIF Gala Dinner: Villa Miani

Pick up at hotel lobby at 17.45

The ICMIF Gala Dinner will be held in Villa Miani, an elegant neoclassical building on the hill of Monte Mario. This beautiful Umbrian home is nestled in a well-kept garden and offers a breathtaking view of Rome which extends almost as far as the dome of St Peter. The evening will include vibrant music entertainment by young and talented musicians. The menu will offer gastronomic local specialities and excellent regional wines.

An unforgettable evening in a fantastic venue!

Saturday 29 October 2022

Half day tour
Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel

Pick up at hotel at 08.30
Return to hotel 15.00

Language: English

The Vatican Museum houses the extensive collections of art, archaeology and ethno-anthropology gathered by the various Popes over the centuries and contains some of the Apostolic Palace’s most extraordinary and artistically significant rooms. You will visit the splendid Cortile della Pigna and the Cortile Ottagono, the Vatican’s first collection of Greek and Roman statues.

After the Pinacoteca Vaticana, the guests will visit Raphael’s Rooms, the Sistine Chapel and the Borgia Apartment. Lunch at local restaurant Satiricus, walking distance from the Vatican Museum. The recently renovated restaurant offers authentic Roman cuisine in a familiar and cosy environment.

Full day tour
Ancient Rome: Colosseum and Forum - Walking Tour - Rome’s Piazzas and Fountains

Pick up at hotel 09.00                   
Return to hotel 17.00

Language: English

We will visit the Colosseum, the biggest and most famous amphitheatre in the world. Here, during the time of the Roman Empire, more than 50,000 spectators watched the famous battles of the gladiators. On this tour, you will also visit the Roman Forum from where you can admire the most important monuments of Ancient Rome: the Arch of Septimius Severus; the Arch of Titus; the Trajan’s Market; the Curia; and other temples and basilicas.

Lunch will be taken in the local restaurant Satiricus. At this restaurant you will enjoy excellent, rich dishes, which are known all over the world, thanks to the gastronomic wisdom of the chef, food is truly celebrated here.

Rome’s piazzas and fountains

You will have the opportunity to admire the beauty and wonder of Rome’s piazzas (or squares in English). The tour will begin with Piazza Navona with Borromini’s Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone and Bernini’s spectacular Fountain of the Four Rivers. From there, we will visit Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, and then to Piazza Farnese which is famous for the Palazzo Farnese designed by Michelangelo.

The tour continues with the Pantheon, Rome’s most incredible Roman temple built by Hadrian in the II century BC and the Trevi Fountain, considered one of the most famous fountains in the world. We will end our tour in the Piazza di Spagnawith the Barcaccia Fountain.

Full day tour
Roman castles

Pick up at hotel at 08.45      
Return to hotel at 17.15

Language: English

Castel Gandolfo Residence – Apostolic Palace

The Castel Gandolfo Apostolic Palace - also known as the Papal Villa - has been owned by the Vatican since 1596. Experts believe that Pope Urban VIII Barberini (1623- 1644) was the first Pope to stay in this residence in 1626. Since then, the Palace has been extensively restored and enlarged. There are 20 rooms of the Apostolic Palace to visit in order to understand the lifestyle of the Popes over the last 500 years. Paintings, relics, religious clothing and other special objects tell the stories of the Popes across the years.

Lunch at Castel De Paolis winery

The Castel De Paolis winery is a family-run farm where it will be possible visit the farm and the vineyard.

Frascati: walking and shopping

In the afternoon there is an opportunity to visit and do some shopping in Frascati, maybe the most famous town of Castelli Romani, known for the elegance of its villas and for the delightful food and wine products. It is known as the City of Wine, yet at the same time it is an important European cultural centre for the number of scientific research institutes located here. Frascati is also famous for its Villas of Tusculum, lavish homes previously owned by aristocrats in a late renaissance and baroque style.