Integrated Pest Management


The theme of the 2019 Canola Discovery Forum is “Integrated Pest Management,” one of five pillars outlined in the canola industry’s strategic plan to reach an average of 52 bu/acre by the year 2025. Two bushels per acre towards this overall yield goal is targeted through improvements in our understanding of canola pests and the optimization of pest management techniques.

Canola Discovery Forum


The Canola Discovery Forum (CDF) started in 2013 as a review of agronomic issues and an exploration of new best management practices for various aspects of canola production. The CDF was introduced as an annual meeting to facilitate collaboration between science and industry and has continued to build on this every year. From the investigation of current challenges, the updates on related research and the insight from industry, the outcomes and discoveries from this event align innovative strategies for moving the canola industry forward.



Photo Credit: Dan Harper