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Symposium 8.9

Mechanics, Materials, Manufacture and Device Innovations of Soft Electronics


Cunjiang Yu, Penn State University
Limei Tian, Texas A&M University
Yihui Zhang, Tsinghua University


This symposium aims to offer a forum to foster knowledge exchange and discussions on the latest advances in the fast-growing broad field of soft, flexible and stretchable electronics, sensors, and integrated systems for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to biomedicine, robotics, space, human-machine interaction, and agriculture. Examples of soft electronics include organic and inorganic flexible and stretchable electronics, flexible electronics based on low dimensional materials, bio-integrated electronics, bio-mimetic electronics, reconfigurable electronics, soft actuator/robots, and origami and kirigami-designed electronics. The objective is to forge interactions among active researchers from both academia and industries working in applied mechanics, materials science and engineering, electrical engineering, advanced manufacturing, and biomedical engineering. Both fundamental research in mechanics, materials, manufacture, device innovations, as well as practical applications of flexible and stretchable electronics are welcome.  

A number of sessions will be organized to cover the following topics:   
    •    Mechanics of soft electronics 
    •    Materials and manufacturing of soft electronics 
    •    Flexible electronics based on low dimensional materials 
    •    Inorganic and organic and flexible electronics, sensors, circuits and systems 
    •    Wearable and implantable electronics, bioelectronics  
    •    Robotic interfaces, soft electronics implemented machines