The OGC Experience

The future of the OGC is ignited and empowered by the strength and innovation of our community.

Starting during the 121st OGC Member meeting the OGC will be taking advantage of new Event Management System that will empower the OGC community to activate, participate, and interact virtually and beyond.

Engaging the OGC Community

The OGC will be using an event management system called Aventri during the 121st OGC Member Meeting. Inside this powerful system, there will be a handful of new and exciting tools that will help interconnect the OGC Community. 

From exploring who is at the event, to understanding the industry disruptors better by visiting their virtual booths, the 121st OGC Member Meeting is built to empower the collective problem solving community like never before. 


Tools & Technology

The following tools will be found in the virtual lobby and be accessible throughout the event. These tools can be initiated by selecting them on the left-hand tool bar when inside the virtual environment. To learn more about the virtual environment and some of these tools, you can review the FAQ page.


Explore who is at the 121st OGC Member Meeting. Using AI to build connections, while providing a unique way to connect with new and returning members. 
This function can be turned on by the attendee by pressing the networking icon on the left navigation panel, attendees will then be asked to confirm and choose top interests.


A platform build for connections across the world. The chat feature not only allows you to message users 1-1 but as groups! And better yet, you can turn those messaging groups into video meetings! 

Catch up with your teammates, build relationships with new friends, and innovate the future of FAIR standards!

Conference Bag

By initiating this feature, you are empowered to choose the documentation across the platform that you would like to review later on. Anything you choose to be in your Conference Bag will be emailed to you after the PC Closing on December 14th, 2021. 

Start-up Zone

The Industry Distruptors are building integral pieces of the future. Learn more about their organizations, inspiring projects, and build new connections by requesting a meeting time or providing your contact information for outreach. 
Start-ups that are participating in the Industry Distruptors are provided in this limited-space virtual exhibition.