Understanding Local Skills Improvement plans



What does the future hold for local skills decision-making?

Following their inclusion in the FE White Paper, Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) aim to address concerns that employers do not currently have enough influence over local skills priorities, meaning some sectors are facing significant skills and labour shortages. But what do they mean in reality for providers?

This webinar will provide a useful overview of LSIPS, covering AELP’s policy position, information on the eight trailblazer pilots, and what this will mean for providers as the plans roll out nationally. 


This webinar will:

  • Give an overview of AELP's policy position and lobbying on LSIPs   
  • Provide information on the eight trailblazer pilots
  • Explain what providers need to know - and how they can get more involved as LSIPs

Target Audience

  • Providers of all types- ITPs, FE colleges, employer-providers 
  • Local provider networks  
  • Local government/ Combined authorities/ LEP officers involved in skills delivery
  • Employer-representative bodies e.g. Chambers of Commerce, FSB, CBI, etc.