Welcome to the Virtual Photo Booth!

Please note:

  • Group Photos - If you choose to make an Avatar, other riders will be able to add you to their picture, creating a 'group' photo. Once created, your Avator will be available for anyone in the Scenic Shore to use while the Photo Booth is open. To create your Avatar, click the Let's Start button below. For an example of group photos, please click here
    • Once your Avatar is created, you'll proceed to take your picture, incuding the option to add friends to your picture. 
  • Skip Avatar - If you'd rather not create an Avatar, click the Cancel button to proceed and create your photo. 
  • With either option, you'll be able to add photos of others (Avatars) to your picture, as well as stickers and props later in the booth. 

Camera - The system will not access an external camera, only the one built into your system (such as on a laptop). If you'd rather use your phone to take the picture, please use this link: https://bit.ly/SS_booth

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