Our Process

Our established approach ensures attention to every detail. Explore this page to learn more about what to expect from partnering with us. 

What You Get:

  • Customized design to reflect your company and/or event branding
  • Customized event URL
  • Attendee, speaker, and exhibitor registration and management
  • Detailed copywriting of all pages and communications
  • Ability to obtain real-life data statistics on attendees and their preferences
  • Functionality for full export of data to Excel and text files
  • Invitation creation and deployment to include pre-loaded attendee data
  • Automatic confirmation emails to registrants and notifiacations to organizer
  • Ongoing monitoring of the invitation release and registration to support attendee changes
  • Registration reminder emails created & released as needed
  • Customizable, skip logic-enabled surveys

Turnaround Time

Generally, 3-5 business days for build phase depending on customization required.


Determined based on customization needs and registration traffic.


1.  Initial call to understand scope of project
2. Proposal sent with statement of work and pricing
3. Contract sent for signature
4. On-boarding email sent with website questionnaire and documents needed for website build
5. Q&A call to discuss documents completed from step #4
6. Website build phase
7. First draft of website sent to organizer
8. Edit process 
9. Invitation is released
10. Real-time reporting link sent to organizer
11. Ongoing registration monitoring 
12. Registration reminders released as needed 
13. Management of post-event survey