Risk Management in further education



What it is and how to manage it effectively

Risk management encompasses the identification, analysis and response to risk factors that form part of the life of an education provider in a competitive FE landscape. It can be a useful part of more effectively  managing the whole organisation, or specific teams or projects within an education provider.

Effective risk management means attempting to control, as much as possible, future outcomes by acting proactively rather than reactively. Therefore, effective risk management offers the potential to reduce both the possibility of risk occurring and its potential impact, improving outcomes for you, your team or the provider as a whole.

This makes it a valuable core skill area for anyone working in project or team management, management or leadership roles in any type of education provider.


Delegates attending this webinar will learn:

  • What is risk management in the context of further education;
  • How to explain and define risks and the providers risk appetite;
  • How to understand and contribute to the providers' discussion about the providers risk register, and risk mitigation; and, 
  • How to play an active role in the monitoring of risks.

Target Audience


Applicable to any of the member types. It is for people who want to know more about Risk Management, rather than targeted, and it will use some FE examples. Further modules could be targeted at a member type.