Week 1 Tuesday, September 14th

Welcome, Setting Container, The Journey

Science of Liberating Energy

Energy Centres and Their Importance

The Torus - 7 x Toric Field

Physiology of Breath

Questions/ Growth - Work Week 1 assignment

Week 2 - Tuesday, September 21st

Ab Locks & Movemenets - Practice

Breath Styles & Practice

Letting Go; Shamanic Shake

Sharing / Questions / Growth Work Week 2 Assignment

Week 3 Tuesday, September 28th

Letting Go, Silence (5min), Mantras (5min)

Activations (5min), Short Breath Session, Little One Meditation (30min)

Sharing / Growth Work - Week 3 assignment

Week 4 Tuesday, October 5th

Crossing the Bridge

Science of Pineal / Carbon Dioxide

Dmt (10min), Activations (6min), Silence (6min), Mantras (6min), BReathwork (20min), Light Body Meditation (30min), Journaling (5min), Sharing (15min)


Week 5 Tuesday, October 12th

Presence - The River of Change; Activations (7min), Silence (7min), Mantras (7min)

Breathwork (40min)

Journaling (10min)

Sharing / Growth Work - Week 5 assignment

Week 6 Tuesday, October 19th

Remembering the True Self

Breathwork (55min), Unification Meditation (20min)

Self Journaling

Growth Work - Week 6 assignment

Week 7 Tuesday, October 26

Discussion and Lessons

Sharing / Questions 

Growth Work - Week 7 assignments

Week 8 Tuesday, November 2

Review and Experiential Sharing


Growth Work - Ongoing Practice

Growth Work Assignments

Each week you will be provided with assignments to complete between sessions on your own time. Create a quiet place and sense of personal space to thoughtfully work through the tools, lessons and practices that we will discuss and explore each week.  

Materials Required

Have on hand plenty of water, nourishing snacks, extra layers or a blanket, and a journal.