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General Questions

Q: Will this be an in-person event as well as a virtual event?

A: No. This will be an on-line only event.

Q: Do I have to use a computer to access this conference, or can I call-in on toll free phone number?

A: Attendees can access this conference via a computer, tablet or their smart phone. However, this conference is web based and will be streamed. There is no toll free phone number one can call. Attendees must utilize an internet connection to access the conference.

Q: Can a healthcare professional receive CE credit for attending this virtual conference?

A: No CEUs are being offered with this conference.

Q: Can a certificate of attendance be issued to healthcare professionals?

A: Unfortunately, LLS will not be able to provide a certificate of attendance to attendees. 

Q: Will there be exhibitors for attendees to “visit”?

A: Yes.

Q: Will translation services be available for non-English speaking attendees? 

A: At this time, this service isn’t being provided.

Q: I have never been to a virtual conference. What is the process to gain access to the conference?

A: We are looking forward to having you! A few days prior to the conference, LLS will be emailing a detailed final confirmation email with all this information. This will provide step-by-step instructions on how to logon.

Q: I have a question for LLS, but it isn’t related to the conference. What number should I contact?

A: Please contact our Information Resource Center at (800) 955-4572, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET or email us here:

Q: Where can I find the agenda?

A: The full agenda is located on the agenda tab


Registration Questions

Q: How do I know if I am registered for the conference?

A: You should have received a confirmation email upon completing of your registration.  If you feel you did not, please contact Randi Willmann or Liz Spillane at BCCregistration@LLS.org and we will forward it to you. 

Q: I registered for the conference, but haven’t received a confirmation email. Why not?

A: Please contact Randi Willmann or Liz Spillane at BCCregistration@LLS.org if you feel you have registered but haven’t received your confirmation. 

Q: I registered for a specific session, but would like to change my selection. Can I change sessions? How do I change?

A: Yes, attendees are welcome to attend a different session. On the day of the conference, please go to the session you would like to attend.

Q: If there is more than one family member going to be listening to the conference with me, do I need to register them as well, or can we be all on one registration?

A: We need everyone to individually register for the BCC.



Session Questions


Q: Will the sessions be recorded?

A: Yes, all the sessions will be recorded. Once the recordings are ready, LLS will send an email to all the attendees with the link to the recordings. Please note: it does take several days for this process. We appreciate your patience and will make sure you receive the recordings!

Q: Can I ask the speaker a question during the session?

A: Yes! There will be a chat feature which will allow attendees to type in their question to the speaker.

Q: Will the presenter’s slides be available after the conference? If so, how do I access these?

A: If the presenter agrees to share his/her presentations, they will be made available on the conference website. After the conference, LLS will send an email to attendees notifying them when presentations are available. Please note: it does take several days for this process. We appreciate your patience and will make sure you receive the handouts!

Q: Will there be live close captioning for the sessions? 

A: Yes.

Don’t see your question on this document? Please contact us at National.BCC@LLS.org.

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