Is there a registration deadline?

There is no registration deadline. Attendees can register anytime, however, we do encourage everyone to register prior to September 6, 2021 to make sure you have immediate access to the platform on September 12, 2021.


In what time zone are sessions listed?

All sessions are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Will sessions be available on-demand?

The sessions will become available 24 hours after initial display and will stay online on an on-demand basis until October 15, 2021.


Is NHF offering translation services for this Summit?

Translation services will be available at the Summit. Details on how to enable the translation services will be published on this page in late August.


Is there a registration fee?

No. This event is offered free of charges.


Will there be an exhibit display?

No. Virtual exhibit booths and exhibitor round tables will not be available at this Summit.


Is NHF offering virtual sessions for teen and kids during the Summit?

No, due to the nature of the event. No sessions are directed towards teens/kids.


Are continuing education credits offered for attending the virtual State of the Science Research Summit?

Continuing education credits are not being offered for attending this event.


Is this the same conference as the NHF Bleeding Disorder Conference?

No, this summit is being held two weeks after our virtual Bleeding Disorders Conference.