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Texcursions are post-conference educational industry tours hosted by brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers or educational institutions that allow conference delegates to take learnings from the conference and apply them to the field. There is limited availability on each tour. Advance sign-up is required during conference registration. Due to simultaneous geographic locations, you can only attend 1 Texcursion. Please note that Texcursion hosts can exercise the right to decline attendance for any participant that the host considers a competitor.

All Texcursions take place on Friday, October 18, 2019. Interested in attending? Select one of these options during conference registration check-out. 

2019 Texcursions

Canopy – Walking Among Giants: Explore Ancient Forests and Links to Your Supply Chain 

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$95 USD | 30 attendees max. | Location: Lighthouse Park- 4902 Beacon Lane West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Take a walk on the wild side! Stroll amongst centuries old trees in one of Canada’s National Historical Sites, while exploring the links to your  supply chain with forest protection and viscose industry experts from Canopy. Participants will travel by bus to an ancient forest close to Vancouver, walk among towering Douglas firs and lush undergrowth, and enjoy spectacular ocean and mountain views. Learn more about how  ancient forests sequester carbon; support biodiversity, communities and cultures; the threats they face; and the important role the fashion  industry can play in protecting the world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests for future generations. The forest tour will be followed by a catered lunch and dialogue on how fashion brands can help conserve these critical ecosystems and scale up next generation solutions. The park is located at 4902 Beacon Lane in West Vancouver. 

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 The Renewal Workshop: Circular Apparel and Textiles in Action 

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$80 USD30 attendees max. |  Location: Cascade Locks, Oregon, USA 

The goal of this tour is for participants to see the first Renewal Workshop facility and understand what it takes to enable a circular business for apparel and textile brands. This Texcursion will include some hands-on exercises as well as speakers talking about textile recycling, circular business models as well as a tour of the facility. The focus will be on how your company can become circular. 

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Vancouver Aquarium – Private “Behind-the-Scenes” Guided Tour 

$55 USD | 24 attendees max. | Location: Vancouver Aquarium- 845 Avison Way Vancouver, BC Canada 

Gain a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes workings of the Aquarium and see what it takes to care for 50,000 amazing animals. Learn about the Aquarium’s research and conservation efforts. Some other highlights may include our Tropic Zone Hallway, Treasures of the B.C. Coast Hallway & Jelly Hallway. After your one-hour tour, continue your exploration of the Vancouver Aquarium, and what will you see today? Stop by and say hi to the adorable sea otters or come see the mesmerizing jellyfish. Enjoy daily dolphin, sea lion, walrus and penguin experiences, as well as the free-roaming animals found in the popular Amazon gallery. And make sure to visit the Treasures of the BC Coast gallery to discover the unique and breath-taking animals that live in BC’s local waters, including ‘Ceph Rogen’, the Pacific Octopus. You can also immerse yourself in the 4D Experience Theatre, which combines the high-definition excitement of a 3D film with thrilling sensory effects! The Vancouver Aquarium is an Ocean Wise initiative, a non-profit society dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life.

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Ocean Wise Plastic Lab and Vancouver Aquarium Tour

$50 USD | 45 attendees max. | Location: West Vancouver and Vancouver, BC  

The Texcursion begins with a visit to the Ocean Wise’s Plastics Lab (normally closed to the public) where Dr. Peter Ross and the team will show how they are working with major brands (Patagonia, Arc’teryx, MEC, REI and others) to undertake a forensic cradle-to-grave analysis of microfibers in the natural environment. Learn about new research from Ocean Wise and Cotton Incorporated on microfiber shredding and biodegradability of different fiber types and garments and what happens to these microfibers in home laundry, wastewater treatment, and the ocean.  Afterwards, head to the Vancouver Aquarium for a private lunch followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium.  After the tour, explore other parts of aquarium at your leisure, then either walk the short distance back to your hotel, or arrange for alternative transportation. Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Council International, with In Kind Sponsorship from Ocean Wise, are partnering with this Texcursion to help increase awareness and facilitate understanding of textile microfiber shedding and its impact on the environment.

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