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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the questions and answers below.

I am fully vaccinated.  Do I still have to quarantine?

As of February 28, 2022 fully vaccinated travellers are no longer required to provide a quarantine plan upon entry.

To qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller you must:

  • Be eligible to enter Canada 
  • Have no Covid 19 Symptoms (asymptomatic)
  • Meet the Government of Canada requirements for fully vaccinated travellers
    • have received the full series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine or a combination of accepted vaccines (see list below)
    • have received your last dose at least 14 days prior to entering Canada
    • upload your proof of vaccination to the ArriveCAN app – which must be in English, French or in a certified translation into English or French
    • Meet all other entry requirements including entering your information into the ArriveCAN app prior to departure

Requirements for unvaccinated travellers under 18 remain unchanged. 

Accepted vaccines in Canada*:

  • Pfizer (Comirnaty, tozinameran, BNT162b2) – two doses
  • Moderna (mRNA-1273) – two doses
  • AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria, AZD1222, Covishield) – two doses 
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) - single dose
  • Sinopharm (Beijing) BBIBP-CorV (Vero Cells) - two doses (as of November 30, 2021)
  • Sinovac (CoronaVac, PiCoVacc) - two does (as of November 30, 2021)
  • Bharat Biotech (Covaxin, BBV152 A, B, C) - two doses (as of November 30, 2021)

Vaccines not currently accepted for fully vaccinated status in Canada*:

  • Bharat Biotech (Covaxin, BBV152 A, B, C)
  • Cansino (Convidecia, Ad5-nCoV)
  • Gamaleya (Sputnik V, Gam-Covid-Vac)
  • Sinopharm (BBIBP-CorV, Sinopharm-Wuhan)
  • Sinovac (CoronaVac, PiCoVacc)
  • Vector Institute (EpiVacCorona)
  • Other

*Source: Health Canada

What travel documents am I required to have?

You will require a passport and study permit for entry into Canada.

For travel details please go here: www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

In addition to your government-issued documents, you will also be required to travel with:

  • Letter of Acceptance;
  • Contact information for your host school;

These documents must be in your carry-on luggage and should be accessible to you at all times.


How long do I have to quarantine for?

Unvaccinated International students are required to quarantine as per the rules from the Canadian Government for 14 days upon your arrival in Canada.   As of January 15, 2022, unvaccinated students will no longer be granted entry into Canada.   Unvaccinated students under the age of 18 are exempted from this and should continue to register for 14-day packages. 

You must remain in your hotel room during your isolation period. If you are travelling with a companion, you may shelter in place together. However, you will not be allowed to socialize with others in the hotel.


Can I remove part of the package?

No.  The packages are all-inclusive packages. The Study Safe Corridor package has been carefully negotiated for the best possible pricing available, and to ensure that all you have the components you are required to have to ensure successful entry into Canada.  The Study Safe Corridor is recognized by both federal and provincial governments and most importantly by Canadian Border Services Agency. 


How long does it take for The Student Travels to arrange my details?

Unvaccinated minors coming to Canada should register more than 5 days before arriving for a 14-day package.  

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST.  We do respond to emails as best we can outside of these hours and on weekends but maybe slow to respond. 


Will meals be provided to me?

Three meals per day are included in your Study Safe Corridor package and will be provided by the hotel via room delivery during the period of isolation. This site allows for the opportunity to outline dietary restrictions and preferences during the registration process.


Who do I have to check-in with?

When you arrive and check into the hotel, you will be required to check in with a member of The Student Travels team to ensure that all protocols are explained and in place to keep you safe. Throughout the duration of your stay, a member of Public Health will check in with you to confirm your adherence to the rules of isolation as outlined by the Government of Canada.


How do I know what hotel to confirm in my package?

Please select the hotel that is indicated in your back up plan letter. Unvaccinated minors should select the hotel nearest their school.

You will need to have an understanding of where your school is located to determine which airport you should fly in to. Should you need assistance with this, please email contactus@thestudenttravels.com 


Do you arrange for my transportation?

For unvaccinated minors:  Upon arrival at the airport, you will clear immigration and customs, then proceed through to baggage claim. From there, you will proceed through the arrivals exit where your driver will be awaiting and holding a sign with your last name. Your driver will escort you to your vehicle and then proceed to your chosen hotel.  Passenger safety and wellbeing is paramount and proper protocols and precautionary measures including the implementation of physical distancing guidelines, PPE, and sanitation are in place. 


What do I need to pack?

In addition to regular packing requirements, please also bring:

  • 60 disposable face masks OR 30 disposable and 1 reusable cloth face mask;
  • One large bottle of quality hand sanitizer;
  • One box of Nitrile gloves;
  • A thermometer.

Please also have the following with you in your carry-on luggage: at least 2 masks, several pairs of gloves, a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and some disinfecting wipes. Make sure you have the following documents available when you arrive in your carry-on luggage. You will be required to present these to a Canada Border Services Agent when going through Canadian customs and immigration:

  • Passport;
  • Valid credit card;
  • Study permit or permit confirmation document (if you have one);
  • Letter of Acceptance;
  • Quarantine site contact information, including cell phone number for the driver;
  • Contact information for your host school;
  • Print out of Quarantine Plan.

Please note that you will also require a credit card upon checkin at the hotel to cover your incidentals (laundry, extended stay, damages).  If you do not have a credit card, please be prepared with approximately double the amount of your estimated package pricing in Canadian cash upon checkin to leave in place of a credit card.  The hotel will refund this cash to you upon checkout minus any charges that you have incurred.    


What can I do while in transit to ensure I am safe?

While in transit to the airport, in airports and during flights:

  • Wear a mask and gloves;
  • Wash hands frequently;
  • Use hand sanitizer when necessary;
  • Practice physical distancing (minimum 2 metres from others);
  • Sanitize your personal space and high touch areas;
  • Minimize trips to the washroom (Flush the toilet with the seat cover down);
  • Touch as few surfaces as possible;
  • Keep your cell phone charged.


Can I bring my family or spouse?

Yes – you are permitted to travel with your spouse and / or family, and a companion. You will need to pay a supplemental fee to cover the additional occupancy in your guestroom. You will be contacted by a member of our team should you indicate that you are travelling with a companion. Please note that there is a maximum occupancy in hotels of 4 guests. Any additional guests will require a second hotel room. We will do our best to accommodate requests for adjoining rooms.

Your companion(s) must adhere to the Canadian Quarantine Act. 


Can I share my accomodations with a friend?

You may not share accomodations with anyone outside of your household.  Each companion must have formal documentation showing the same home address.


What happens if I contract Covid-19 while travelling?

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms during quarantine period:

  • isolate yourself from others immediately;
  • contact your public health authority and follow their instructions;
  • extend your quarantine to 10 days from the day you tested positive.

You must advise the Study Safe Corridor by emailing: contactus@thestudenttravels.com

After you arrive in Canada, a representative of the Government of Canada will call you to monitor compliance with your mandatory quarantine or isolation. We ask that you please answer calls from 1-888-336-7735.


How do I pay for my quarantine package?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal* and electronic funds transfer* (*additional fees will apply).


I am a minor / youth. Am I allowed to travel on my own?

Yes. Please ensure you have all the appropriate documentation outlined above. Please note that some hotels do not allow minors under the age of 18. Be sure to read all the details in the hotel description when booking your package. Students under 18 years of age, travelling on their own will be required to complete a parental consent form for the hotel. 


I do not have a credit card. Now what?

We can also accept PayPal and electronic funds transfers. Please note that additional fees will apply for these forms of payment. You may be required to place a cash deposit on your hotel room upon arrival that will be refunded when you check-out. 

You will need a credit card upon arrival at your hotel for incidentals, additional nights that you may require, or damages.  If you do not have a credit card, please come prepared with cash to cover upwards of $2000.  


What is your cancellation policy?

We offer refunds up to 72 hours prior to your arrival in Canada.  Please note that refunds are subject to an 10% plus applicable taxes fee.  There are no refunds made for cancellations made within 72 hours of your arrival.  

We do not charge for registration changes such as changing your arrangements due to a change in your arrival date.  


Why do I need a SIM card, and how do I get it?

As a part of the requirements to enter Canada as an unvaccinated traveller, you must have a Canadian phone number where you can be contacted by Public Health and others during your quarantine.  A SIM card gives you cell phone service in Canada with one of Phonebox's partner networks.  

Phonebox is pleased to offer eSIM's to students who have compatible devices.  Please select your device from the drop down list in the registration.  If your device is eligible for an eSIM,  you will receive an email with your QR code and instructions to set up your eSIM on the day you arrive in Canada.

If your phone is not compatible, your SIM card will be ready for pick-up when you arrive and check-in to your Study Safe Corridor TRAVEL SAFE hotel. The front desk will provide you with a SIM card that has been assigned to you. Within the package, you will see instructions on how to insert the SIM card, and activate it via the PIN provided in the packaging.

Your SIM Card will include:

  • Unlimited Calling within Canada
  • Unlimited International Texting
  • Access for surfing the internet

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact PhoneBox at 1-855-866-0505, or talk to a customer Care Associate on PhoneBox LiveChat


What is included in the Guard.me insurance?

Your 4 week insurance coverage will begin upon arrival in Canada for all unvaccinated minors and will include:

  • Doctor’s visits and access to doctors, Canada wide, on your phone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere, 24/7. This service can provide prescription drugs scripts delivered to your closest pharmacy.
  • Hospitalizations for medically required urgent care, including care if you have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Paramedical care
  • Medicines
  • Urgent dental care needs that occur during your coverage period
  • Mental wellness counselling service

The Wellness and Learning Initiatives Program by guard.meCARES offers a unique experience for individuals by building awareness around mental health and wellness, and provides access to pre-recorded webinars that meet your specific concerns.

You will receive a welcome email explaining in detail all of your benefits, how to access everything you are entitled to, as well as information on how to extend your coverage beyond 4 weeks should you wish to do so.