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All-inclusive Canadian Safe Arrival and Quarantine package
for international students

Important notice! 

On Nov 30th, the Government of Canada announced In the coming days, all fully vaccinated travellers arriving by air from departure points other than the United States will be subject to arrival testing.
Fully vaccinated travellers will be required to quarantine while they await the results of their arrival test. We are in the process of developing 3-day packages to assist students once this comes into effect. 
Back up/Exemption letters will continue to be effective until this new rule comes into effect.  

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some important protocols that students in Canada must follow to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of the virus, including undertaking a 14 day quarantine period immediately upon arrival for International students arriving to Canada.

In partnership with Maritime Travel, The Student Travels has created a convenient, all-inclusive, and worry-free Safe Arrival and Quarantine package for students that includes:

  • 14-night quarantine hotel stays upon arrival in your destination city, at discounted rates 
  • 3 meals per day delivered to your hotel room for the duration of your quarantine stay
  • COVID-safe transportation
  • Comprehensive 4-week health insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage (Extensions can be made through your institution of study or online at under Apply for Insurance at a cost of $5.00 CAD per day) 
  • Access to mental wellness counselling services through SAFE by guard.meCares for the duration of your quarantine stay
  • A Canadian phone number and SIM card for your mobile device for 1 month, including 8GB of data, unlimited Canada-wide calling, and unlimited international text and picture messaging
  • All necessary Study Safe documentation to ensure you are fully informed of travel and arrival requirements and have a smooth entry process into Canada or into your school's province.

Optional Add-On Flight Package

Along with your Safe Arrival and Quarantine package, you can book your flight to Canada through Study Safe Corridor TRAVEL SAFE, which offers multiple benefits:

  • Special discounted airfare reserved exclusively for students booking through Study Safe Corridor TRAVEL SAFE
  • Booking services through a certified travel agent from your port of departure to your final destination in Canada
  • 24-7 travel support, available in multiple languages  


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Why choose the Study Safe Corridor TRAVEL SAFE
Arrival and Quarantine Package?

Your safety

Through every step of your arrival and quarantine process, services are provided with scrupulous respect for COVID-19 public health and safety protocols, from your airport transfer to your in-room meal delivery.

Your physical and mental health

International student quarantine packages include a comprehensive 4-week Canada insurance plan that provides for full payment, without co-insurance or deductibles, for doctor’s visits and hospitalizations for medically required urgent care, including positive tested COVID-19 coverage, as well as for paramedical care, medicines, and urgent dental care, that occur during your coverage period. Additionally, mobileDOCTOR by guard.meCARES provides access to doctors, Canada wide, on your phone, tablet, or computer anytime, anywhere 24/7. This service can provide prescription drug scripts delivered to your closest pharmacy.

We also recognize that self-isolating indoors for two weeks can seem like a daunting prospect, which is why your quarantine package includes access to mental wellness counselling in your preferred language, with counsellors who understand your culture, through SAFE by Guard.meCARES, as well as The Wellness and Learning Initiatives Program by guard.meCARES which offers a unique learning experience for individuals by building awareness around mental health and wellness through access to our website of specially designed pre-recorded webinars to meet your specific concerns.

Your ability to connect

Included in your International 11-day quarantine package is a Canadian phone number (emailed to you prior to your departure from your home country) and SIM card (delivered to your hotel in Canada). You will need a Canadian phone number to complete arrival forms at the airport once you land in Canada. The government of Canada requires a Canadian phone number for ANYONE entering the country as they may contact you by phone during your quarantine period to check on your status.

Your peace of mind

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are supporting students in Canada by working with immigration, border, education, and public health authorities, as well as travel, accommodation, insurance, and mobile communications service providers, to welcome international students in a responsible manner that greatly reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

We are committed to offering international students safe and competitively-priced means of entering Canada and beginning their academic journeys, and to ensuring the health and safety of Canadians.