Join us for the
Global Youth Leadership Training!

On June 18 and 19, the WFH Youth Committee will be holding a two-day Global Youth Leadership Training which will be packed with thought-provoking ideas and discussions. Young leaders from around the world will gather virtually to talk about their role in the bleeding disorders community. This event will be an exclusive opportunity for participants to share experiences and build their capacity as future leaders.

Join us to find out more about youth-led initiatives around the world. Hear about the newest success stories in the bleeding disorders community and find out how you can get involved.

Program Highlights


Youth Engagement
Join us to find out more about youth-led initiatives in the global bleeding disorders community, including successes and the ways youth are getting involved. Current national member organization (NMO) leaders will also be presenting about coaching and training opportunities for youth.


Hot Topics
Got questions? We’ve got answers. Hot topics sessions are a series of short discussions bringing together healthcare providers and youths on different topics. Find out more about intimacy, family planning and body art.


Novel Therapies
An engaging panel comprised of healthcare providers and youth advocates will discuss the latest news on novel therapies. Join us to find out more about the latest treatment options, making informed decisions and advocating for future therapies.



Related Resources

Young Voices is a series of articles designed for young people interested in exploring involvement in the inherited bleeding disorders community, especially in participating in or even initiating a youth group. Originally these articles were periodically published online at over the past two years. We have now gathered the articles into a single resource to help identify, mobilize, and empower future leaders to participate in the global conversation and effect positive change in their communities. Click the box below to learn more.