Parker University Post Grad Department will co-sponsor our meeting. Certificates will be mailed prior to December 31, 2021.
ICAK-USA is PACE certified and will be sending certificates to those that apply for CE in PACE states.  Certificates will be emailed prior to December 31, 2021.

ICAK-USA will be using a completion form to verify attendance in sessions for Continuing Education.   Attendance reports will be sent through our resources to calculate the number of hours each attendee is to be issued following the meeting.  Certificates of completion will be sent via email to each attendee prior to December 31, 2021. 
• You may choose up to two (2) states for the $95 fee. 
• You must be recorded in and out of each session in order to receive credits.
• Course Format:  The 2021 ICAK-USA Homecoming is a Live Presentation and Basic Level.
• Pre-requisites:  Only physicians licensed to diagnose and in-school student physicians are eligible to attend.
• ICAK-USA does not apply to AZ, FL, OK or TN.
It is difficult to issue credits post meeting if you did not purchase CE and were not accounted for in/out of each session.
ICAK-USA In-School Student Members and ICAK-USA First-Year Doctor Members have the opportunity to apply for the 2021 Supreme Nutrition Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded each year to ICAK-USA In-School Student Members and ICAK-USA First-Year Doctor Members that meet the criteria and submit a paper for consideration. Each SNS recipient will receive $325 towards their 2021 ICAK-USA Homecoming Registration. 

           To qualify you must:

1) Be a student or first year doctor member in good standing with ICAK-USA

2) Submit a copy of your student ID or professional license to

3) Write a one page paper either of a case history of yours using AK or explaining why you think AK is an invaluable tool in an alternative medicine practice

            Scholarships are limited and will be given out on a first come basis. Supreme Nutrition has awarded 97 scholarships in the past three years totaling $26,000.

 Each year, the ICAK-U.S.A. offers the Lance West Endowment Fund Award, which was established on February 1, 1997, in memory of Dr. C. Lance West of Toledo, OH.  This year, the award will be presented to a well-deserving student who has been endorsed by a Board-Certified Teacher. 

This Award is intended to provide tuition assistance for basic 100-hour AK courses to outstanding students.  The ICAK-U.S.A. is able to offer the recipient a $300 cash award.  If you would like to apply for the Lance West Endowment Fund Award, please request an application form and remit to the ICAK-USA Central Office no later than June 15.

Please note that your form must be endorsed by a DIBAK in good standing of the ICAK-USA before submission.  All applications will be reviewed by Dr. David Engel and the recipient will be notified in July 2021 prior to the ICAK-USA Homecoming. 
Please contact the ICAK-USA Central Office if you have questions or need additional information, 913-384-5336 or email