We're excited to engage with you during our Recruiter Boot Camp! Seasoned industry professionals put together this content with new professionals in mind. The curriculum aims to arm you with a solid understanding of the profession, as well as the opportunity to network with others in the field



Module #1 - MBA Recruiting Cycle Overview


Roger Antoniazzo, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, University Relations, MBA and Graduate Programs, Abbott
Phi Han, Director of Recruiting Operations and Career Advisory, UCLA Anderson School of Management

This first module of the Recruiter Boot Camp will provide participants with an overview of the key elements of recruiting graduate business students and how that recruiting process is facilitated through the relationship between employers and schools. The presentation and discussion will cover the overall timeline of various components involved in recruiting starting from strategy and planning to communication and execution and ultimately to the offers, conversion and on-boarding of new hires. Join us as we kickoff the boot camp with some best practices for each of these steps in order to prepare participants for more in-depth discussions in subsequent modules.

Module #2 - Developing Relationships within Your Company


Cheri Hurtubise, Associate Director, Campus Recuiting, Chewy

Who are the key stakeholders in your company? What key factors should be considered when developing your graduate recruiting strategy? How to do you get the important information you need about the business to be effective? During this interactive session you will learn how to identify and engage with key internal stakeholders, raise awareness and gain buy-in for recruiting graduate business students, and navigate headcount planning and budget discussions so that you can answer these and other questions.

Module #3 - Developing Partnerships with Campuses


Mychele Riddick, Lead College Recruiting Manager, AT&T

What can you do establish your company as an employer of choice in order to compete effectively for graduate business student talent? In this session we will review the prework necessary to determine who to focus your recruiting efforts on, discuss the various campus partners you should engage and how to develop and nurture those relationships, and also highlight some considerations for developing effective recruiting strategies in this virtual recruiting world.

Module #4 - Developing Connections with Professional Affinity Groups


Demian Caponi, MBA Outreach Program, Google

Building a brand and maintaining relationships with students and career centers can happen in many places. This module will explore how companies can expand their reach by attending affinity group conferences and taking advantage of outreach opportunities there. We will also cover the benefits and costs associated with attending as well as best practices in this space.

Module #5 - Best Practices for Connecting with Students and Student Organizations


Craig Petrus, Executive Director of Career Services, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

Students are at the center of all graduate recruiting! How to capture their attention and keep them engaged in your recruiting activities is a challenge for all recruiters. This session will highlight the importance of and some best practices for establishing your brand, review creative ways to build effective student relationships and provide insights on what’s important to students, both on campus and through virtual programming. Join this session to learn more about how to deliver positive candidate experiences to enhance your MBA/Business Master’s recruiting program.

Module #6 - MBA CSEA Resources and Productivity Tools


Megan Hendricks, Executive Director, MBA CSEA
Kathy Martin, Senior Manager, Recruiting and Programs, Kemper

In addition to the knowledge gained, we will also arm you with some tools and resources that employer members of MBA CSEA have found helpful in keeping them productive in their roles as recruiters.

Small Group Discussions and Action Planning


Cheri Hurtubise, Associate Director, Campus Recuiting, Chewy

How will you implement what you've learned in your company? Discussion next steps for how to develop your takeaways, and develop an action plan.