October 7-10, 2021 

Arizona State University 

Tempe, AZ 

In-person, virtual and hybrid modalities available


This professional and scholarly gathering will feature presentations by an international community of Marcusean scholars, students, and activists as well as critical theorists from a variety of disciplines. We invite scholars from all disciplines and career pathways to contribute—graduate students, early career/contract faculty, and senior/established scholars to the meeting.

The conference theme is centered around Marcuse’s theorization of technological rationality, broadly construed. We encourage an expansive approach to this theme with a wide range of papers, from neoliberal authoritarianism to psychoanalytic theory, and from one-dimensionality to utopian imagining. Technological rationality is a unique theoretical touchstone to Marcusean thought as it provides the basis not only for the external means of production and how it shapes social relations, but how it explains the stabilizing social forces that register at the level of thought and subjectification.

Please submit your paper abstracs or full panel proposals by July 5th, 2021.


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