Adult B- / Re- Mitzvah Program


As a prequel to our 2022 Convention and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Judith Kaplan Eisenstein becoming a Bat Mitzvah, we are offering a once-a-month virtual class for those who are studying for their B-Mitzvah or recommitting to Reconstructionist learning. The goal of this class is for adult learners to engage with the movement in exploring evolving Reconstructionist thought and practice. The participants can either be classes of students enrolled in a program within their congregation or individuals in different communities who study and prepare with teachers or clergy in their congregation.

"Through a Reconstructionist Lens: An Adult B- / Re- Mitzvah Program" will offer a once-a-month virtual class for those studying for their B- or Re- Mitzvah. The goal of this class is for the movement to engage with adult learners in exploring evolving Reconstructionist thoughts and practice today. A secondary goal is to connect adult learners from different communities together across the movement.

If your community is interested in using one or more of the learning modules for adult study, you may do so in the month they become available.

Classes will be approximately 40 minutes in length and videos will be released once a month; running from March 2021 through March 2022. Enrolled students will be able to view the video modules on their own schedule. Topics will include:

  1. Repairing the World through a Reconstructionist Lens
  2. Liturgy and Prayer through a Reconstructionist Lens
  3. Values-Based Decision Making
  4. Biblical and Rabbinic Texts through a Reconstructionist Lens
  5. Climate Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  6. Shabbat – Celebration and Observance - through a Reconstructionist Lens
  7. Israel through a Reconstructionist Lens
  8. An Approach to Food, Kashrut, and Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  9. God through a Reconstructionist Lens
  10. Racial Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  11. Economic Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  12. Creating Community – Kehilah - through a Reconstructionist Lens
  13. Gender Inclusivity (Feminism and Egalitarian Communities) through a Reconstructionist Lens

In addition, there will be an opportunity a couple of times during the year, where all enrolled participants would meet virtually together. This will be for one of the presentations with an opportunity for Q and A plus some extended study and will provide an enhanced sense of community.

If you are in need of a Rabbi to work with, we suggest using Rabbi Connect, where you can connect online with a rabbi to explore Jewish practices, receive spiritual suppose, study, or create rituals for important moments in your life.

Registration Benefits:

  • Enrolled students will have access to all the classes and resources,
  • Opportunities to participate in the 2022 Convention: a group Aliyah on Shabbat morning, and a short program of honor for them together with recognition of the 100th Anniversary of Judith Kaplan Eisenstein’s Bat Mitzvah as part of the Saturday night program,
  • Receive a Certificate of completion,
  • Offered the Early Bird Registration rate for Convention,
  • Receive special Convention swag that denotes their participation in the program.

For more information or if finances are a barrier to your participation, please contact Jackie Land and Lani Moss.


As of 2.14.22, we have updated our Convention Health Policy. Please CLICK HERE to view.