About the 2021 CSEA Global Virtual Conference

We are delighted to invite you to join us at Unmuting Your Potential: Redesign, Reinvent, Reimagine! Our 2021 Global Virtual Conference brings together MBA/Masters career services professionals and employers for networking, learning and conversations that drive the future of the industry. The event will energize you and provide you with ideas and contacts to help you reach new heights in your professional development.

The past year has forced career services professionals and employers to rewrite the book on how we do our jobs. We have launched new programs, developed new service modalities, and gained new skills to succeed in a virtual world. Join us for lively conversations, engaging speakers, and fun opportunities to network and reconnect with colleagues and meet new people.

First-time employer attendees: contact us for a discount registration rate!


    Important deadlines

    • Early bird registration: extended through registration deadline!
    • Sponsor & Exhibitor registration: June 11
    • Final attendee registration: June 16



    Technology enables us to reach multiple audiences in new and creative ways. Connect with colleagues and share your successes and lessons learned.


    After a year of paradigm shifts, reflect on how you have emerged as a new professional with fresh skills and priorities.


    Gaze into the future of our profession and learn how the latest products and services can facilitate your work and open new possibilities.

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