About ePYRO2021


Due to the COVID pandemic and the related travelling and meeting restrictions, it is impossible to have a pyrolysis conference this year.  The physical PYRO 2020 will be further postponed to 15-20 May 2022.

After consultation with the Organizing and Scientific Committees, it has been decided to organize an eConference this spring, namely on 12 and 13 April 2021.

It was considered important to revive the contacts between the pyrolysis community members and create a bridge between the last conference - PYRO 2018 in Kyoto -  and the future one in Ghent, now scheduled for 15-20 May 2022.

We are very pleased to present an excellent and very varied 2-day program with the cooperation of many renowned senior scientists and promising young scientists.

The eConference consists of six sessions of two hours and the program will be filled with a proper selection of speakers, including research group leaders and other prominent scientists, a number of talented students recommended by group leaders, and finally some sponsor related speakers.  Each session has three 20-minutes (senior scientists) and 4 10-minutes talks.  



Wolter Prins - Chair
Frederik Ronsse - Chair